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Have you cried recently?

Menchie's in all day for the past 3 days cuz things be have more real than ever not that things were fake. Cough cough

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Buying a new car today whoo hoo. Wish he was here to share this with me but whatever hes happy being with another so enjoy


How many hours in total throughout the day is your phone in your hand your on it , social media or anything else?

Mainly on my chest or on the charger

When someone doesn’t take a chance with someone when they could, does that mean they’re not that interested?

No that person already had a plan

How much you weigh?

152 lbs when I say the word kisses bad things happen. Like would you like your box of kisses now or later.

I'm trying to loose weight. How much ranch can I have on my salad to make it still be ok

It’s about how much exercise do you do and what you eat and how you portion size virtually it doesn’t matter what you eat it matters that you portion size what you eat in your day

Stop getting in trouble. Stop attracting trouble makers. Stop letting people set you up. I know about it.

What you know about the man that came in to my life?

Do you like going to the airport

I only been three times. One for a drop off & pick, summer vacation at my grandmothers mansion in FL

What are 5 things within arms reach?

Gas camera & more gas and explosives that explode when heat added.

You begged me not to give up on you well I didn't give up on you E why'd you give up on me?

You don’t even see the things people are sending. Then I’m the one putting people on blast.

What's something that sets you apart from other people?

How to get away with a drug scandal. Pandemic 🎀📰

If I ask someone from my school, “What was that person giving you on your snap story?” On Snapchat and they block me afterwards, what have I done wrong? Someone was giving them something I couldn’t make out and that’s why I asked (out of curiosity).

Nah because I’m graduating early so your on my class snaps

what do you think would be the most likely way you’ll die?

I mean, I keep coming back to life without any medical attention. But what do you think that your final destination would be?
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