Ask @IamLukeHemmings:

Name:_________Age:________Birthday:____________Hobby:____________Nickname:______________Eye Color:___________Hair Color:___________Fav Color:____________Fav Song:______________Best Friend :_______________Single or Relatiionship:____________I'm:______________I love u

Name: Luke Robert Hemmings
Age: 17
Birthday: July 16
Hobby: Being in 5SOS
Nickname: Cake mostly....sometimes lukie from ashton
Eye color: varies...mostly blue
Hair color: light - blonde
Fave color: Blue
Relationship: Single at the moment
Best friend: Calum, Ashton, and Michael...i'm closer to Calum
Fave song: from All Time Low’s ‘Don’t Panic’ album - Somewhere in Neverland, Outlines and To Live and Let Go
- My former girlfriend was named Aleisha McDonald
- Pepperoni is my favorite pizza topping
- I'm a Cancer
- I would date a fan 2 years younger then me
- My fave ice cream flavor is cookies an cream
- my favorite animal is a penguin
- my shoe size is 9
- I'm roughly 5'10 or 177 cm
- I weigh roughly 160 lb or 73kg
love you too❤

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