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Yea sure I can but you don't know my name I don't think but you prob know my face I helped you with your cart when you were moving out

Lol oh thanks again by the way. I don't know who you are but I remember your face!

You have seen me before lol

Lol I've seen a lot of people before. Come on now, so you can't let me know who you are?

I mean it only seems like that to me because u loom like you just do wanna be bothered lol

No, I'm not like that. When do you see me?

Why you gotta be so cute but look so unapproachable?

Lol, thanks I'm approachable. Why you think I'm not?

You ever wanted someone really bad but never said anything because you know you can't have them?

Na, I have never been in that situation either.


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