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I really love your riding skills Hannah. I was watching a few dressage tests really closely and you just move really well and smoothly in the saddle (if there is movement at all). You seem to have a great connection with all your horses. Please never listen to the hate comments! Stay beautiful!!❤😄

Aw thank you 💕😊 they’re all good boys though. I’ve still got a lot to work on but It’s getting there!

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Are you back with jay man? 😊

Eh everyone around me knows now so I might as well just say, yep. We got back together a few months after breaking up and he’s been living with me since. I haven’t wanted to say it online because there are a lot of people that hear half the story and assume stuff and I just don’t really want people telling me what to do with my life and that he was so bad for me (which yes, at some stages, he was) People also like to anonymously say stuff to ruin the relationship, with no evidence to back it up. Jay and I get along really well, that’s all I think people online need to know, and it’s been good since I’ve been back from the US.
I didn’t mean to get back with him, I just didn’t want to end on bad terms, so we started hanging out again and basically we both appreciated each other a lot more after not being together.

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fave places you get bridles, i'm looking for a good quality bridle to use as ,my "show one" so price deosnt really matter as long as it isnt pver like $500

I have lots of bridles lol, and they’re all from different places, but the good quality ones imo are-
Collegiate from Horseland
Flexifit (but I’m undecided if I like it, even though it’s lasted well for about 4.5 years)
D’yon from justriding
And I just got a ps of Sweden one which hasn’t arrived but I’ll let you know how I like it!

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it's amazing to see how succesufl you've become because you're one of the very few who actually deserve it. you inspire me hannah, as an 18 year old beginning in eventing i hope to one day follow in your foot steps and build a name for myself, continue working hard because you're going to excell. xx

Aww you are the absolute sweetest!! I’ve been lucky in a lot of ways but when you’re passionate about something and all you do is be open to learning more it really helps so much! I read so much stuff online and had a lot of instruction so it made progressing a lot easier! Tbh after year 12 in 2015 I was kinda in a shitty headspace, and wasn’t riding as much as I should’ve been really.
I wish you the absolute best of luck! Also you should hit me up on insta saying this is you if you wish and I’ll give you a follow if I haven’t already! Xx

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