in your opinion, what's it like to fall in love?

Ahhh it's a magical feeling I would hope, everyone's experience is different. You might start off bad with a person you can't stand and that could turn into love, you start off heart broken and that person mends it for you, a person can go through a traumatic event in there life and need someone to support appreciate encourage and make them FEEL like SOMEONE ,it could be your first time experiencing love for the first time and a special someone can make you feel things you've never felt before (not talking about anything sexual) they will stimulate your mind body and soul
Falling in love? There are so many ways a person can experience this beautiful feeling
Love is complicated yet very simple
But love is HARD to FIND and even HARDER to KEEP
But the process, emotions, and feeling you feel when it happens; that's only something THAT individual can feel
But I'm MY OPINIONS it should feel like fire works, your heart should pound every time you see the person you love and to me you should WANT to see their happiness because it's sorta kinda a reflection of YOU