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how do you like those turkish sandwiches?

Uuuuh, döner kebab? I like them of course. I mean, who doesn't. Even nazis do. Consider this Bosnian-born legit nazi (yeah...) wolfing one down: https://twitter.com/ruhig_brauner/status/673953963314647041 . I assume it's not his first one; probably not even in the three digits.
I don't have them as much as I used to, though. I used to consider them a snack when I was young, but they're closer to a full meal and I usually have leftovers waiting for me at home or food close to the expiration date.
That said, dürüm kebab is probably > döner kebab most of the time, and turkey is > beef but lamb is >>> turkey > beef. When I'm at a restaurant, I prefer Iskender kebab or manti though. They also tend to do better pizzas than Italians around here and some offer kebab pizza, so that's a good option too.
tl;dr yes good food

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What is your favorite kind of German bread?

The huge variety makes bread tastings pretty fun. I like most sorts of bread, though I am a bit bored of regular white flour buns and breads. Generally, I prefer darker or blended flours such as rye, spelt, or barley for wholemeal products with unshredded grains and seeds worked in. If it's well made, it tastes so rich you don't need anything else for a meal really.
I had some bread recently with carrot and walnuts which was really good too. Roasted melon seeds give it a nice flavor. Potato bread goes nicely with thick meat soups. You almost can't go too gimmicky, really. But yeah, darker flours with some grains or seeds are my go-to. Not saying I don't eat white flour products, I do and my mom's homemade bread is pretty much my favorite one all things considered; but once you go black...

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