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Good on ya, Bella 👍

★ ☮ ♫ Tεɳαciσυઽ Tѳɱɱყ™ ➓ ☀ ☻
And you want to know the best part? He wanted to try to say it was a joke?? and that he didn't read everything too. Idky? He really should read everything. And everyone knows that that wasn't a joke he made. 😆 lol And you and me def. both know he was being serious. He's just upset because he got told off. I don't appreciate these kinds of questions on my page. If you ask me something the questions are not always going to be yes.

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I thought you are friendly, but you are not🙄

I am friendly?
I'm also married.
But lol 😆 Just because I don't want to call you on the phone? doesn't make me *unfriendly*? It just means I don't want to call you.
Giving people on the internet, giving out my number on the internet is really not good. People can find you based off of your phone number. (Area code? Name? Umm.. It doesn't take much. Lol?) It's 2020. Did you ever think that's the reason why I don't want to get my phone number on the internet? Well. Thay is it. And this is what I tell everyone. Not just you.
And I am not talking about you coming to find me, no. But then again. I don't know you or your intentions... so yeah. Idk 🤷 But this site is public. Do you not understand that? It's not me being mean? Lol? It's me trying to keep my privacy safe. Being safe is good. Nothing wrong with that. There is a difference. Unfriendly? No. Trying to be smart and careful? Yes. You should say I am smart and careful. Because that's what I am doing. But oookay 😆
I'm literally the nicest anyone can meet knot trying to sound narcissistic or self-centered) for you to say I'm not is really interesting honestly... Lol hint the name "Sweet Bella" because honestly I literally get a joy out of being sweet people in making people laugh and smile.
But to you... 😆 lol Somehow I am unfriendly for saying I don't want to call you.
A married gal.
Just because someone doesn't want to do something you want to do doesn't make mean and not nice? Okay? My point? Please at least learn the difference. Please.

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+3 answers in: “dms or calls 💬 📞”