Is there alot to Do?

Yeah in Louisiana there is alot to do. Here in Mississippi not much, but there's some stuff to do.
I like it here though. People are nice. Different tho. Sfuff is cheaper.

Awesome. I'm from Jersey. How is it in Mississippi?

That's kool.
It's pretty nice in Mississippi. The food isn't as good as Louisiana, but it's still good.
Everyone is a little more safe here. Haha. We crazy people in Louisiana. I find the race issues a little worse in Louisiana. People are nicer in Mississippi. They are a little more open here. There is still some race issues, but it is not as bad as Louisiana.
There's some things to do here. The buildings are really ood here. It's kool but that's bad because corporations are shutting down. But maybe it's a good thing because the new ones can open. Be kind of live out on the country and Mississippi. And Louisiana I lived close to the city.

If stuff is cheaper. I'm on the next plane to ur state lol. Jersey sucks when it comes to prices and Taxes