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What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?


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Have you ever broken any bones? If so, how many and which ones?

Do you collect anything? If so, what is it?

kpop merch

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What is the last thing you do before bed?

scrolling ig

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Are you a hot weather or cold weather type of person?

both i guess

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What'd you do this weekend? PAP?

take care of my sick grandma who fell & broke her left hand. she cant even wake up to sit by herself cause something happened to her thighs too :( hope she will get well soon.

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lol.. its the playstore haha

nevermind im not genius anyway aha

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How can someone earn $1,000,000?

of course because of their hardwork

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What would you like to see written on your gravestone?

my own name in arabic

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Which room do you spend the most time in in your house?

living room

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What is your favorite mobile app?

instagram & twitter

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what fandom are you? other than inspirit

inspirit and ahgase (IGOT7)
but more to inspirits cz i stan them for a long time ago, to be accurate during Paradise era ♡

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Are you a city or a nature person?

nature^^. imma kampung girl who never live in a big city like KL yet ive been there when im on sem break every semester. 4/9 my siblings live there basically in puchong selangor

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Who would you call first if you won the lottery?

don't play lottery la

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your eyes? reason?

i show my charms through my eyes omg *greasy*
anyway, when someone met me for the first time they'll notice my eyes first & said my eyes is beautiful *shy*

i've thick eyebrows with long eyelashes (im not showing off okay)

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Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?

yAs, man was created in pairs :---)

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What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

em im okay with scary movie im not scared at all seriously

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What is the most delicious berry?

omg i love berries so much ♡
most delicious for me is strawberry!

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which part of your body that you most confident with?

my eyes :)

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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)

What's a warning sign that you're in the presence of bad company?

errrmmm i d k since i only entered one company where im on my practical training right now so far so good

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What would you change in this World?

The World is already perfect because it was created by Allah no need to be changed.


if you know what i mean

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What's the first thing you check when you turn on your computer?


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woah kenapa byk sgt instagram? username please

each igs have different purpose

1. @/kimveongxol (i posted abt ifnt)
2. @/ievra.ray (personal ig)
3. @/berriesyrup (instashop)
4. im not going to tell you this one cz im going to delete it soon

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Post a picture of the magnets on your fridge!

im sorry but im at office right now

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