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A fact about you? 🔥

Well I get irritated quickly, idk why I don't feel like replying to anybody! At times, all I want is to disconnect from all this social media shit! I haatee picking up the phone, if its not from my fam. In fact, I try not to unlove or abandon ppl, coz once i really do; there's no going back. ☠️

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کیا اہم ہے ؟✨

Maham Amir
اہم؟ زندگی میں ہم جس شخص کو سب سے اہم سمجھتے ہیں وہ ہمیں اپنے پاؤں کی جوتی سمجھتے ہیں! ہم لوگوں کو اس قدر ضروری سمجھ لیتے ہیں کہ وہ ہمارے پیروں میں زنجیر کی طرح الجھ جاتے ہیں! ہمیں آگے بڑھنے نہیں دیتے، ہماری سزا بن جاتے ہیں!
You all must have felt this in your lyf that:
"میری زندگی میں تم، تمھاری زندگی میں کوئی اور اہم ہے! "
یو نو وٹ؟ آپ کے لیے اہم اپنی ذات ہونی چاہیے! اپنے ماں باپ بہن بہائی ہونے چاہیے! باہر کا کوئی شخص بھی ہو کسی نہ کسی موڑ پر آپ کے لیے صرف تکلیف کا باعث بنے گا!
خواب اہم ہیں (ضروری ہے کہ وہ کسی شخص کے گرد نہ گردش کریں!)، آپکی کامیابی، آپکی محنت اہم ہے!
Make yourself proud of you! Make your parents proud of you that they raised a gem! Know your worth!
Ps. Try not to judge my words or me. :") Let's pray for each other to have peace and successful lyf! 🌟

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How’s life? 🍁

S I U S H ◤
زندگی کبھی کبھی ایسی جگہ پر پہنچا دیتی ہے جہاں نہ آگے امید ہوتی ہے اور نہ پیچھے کوئی راستہ۔ پھر معجزے ہوتے ہیں دعاؤں سے۔ اور پھر کن فیکون ہو جاتا ہے اور تقریر بدل جاتی ہے۔ 🌹
Maybe just waiting for some miracle to happen. 🌸

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What's on your mind?

Some of my old friends are gems with whom i don't talk anymore the way i used to. I miss the old of me! That childhood spent with those friends (fam) ❤️ our conversations, nights out with them! Those gossips and horror stories!!
Our fights, our laave. I miss that all!😩❤️
I wish to start a new journey with some of them! These days, I am having flashbacks of those things which i even forgot to remember.
We are together but things aren't the same! We still hangout, play together but Koi Khalish si h; age factor maybe!
I ain't sad, but i think i'll be more happier with those friends. 🌸
-3AM me be like!!

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Current thoughts ??

Sheriyar Malik
Youknow about the power of make-up?
The most powerful weapon a woman owns, it somehow hides all the pain, the inner scars. Either you are sad or having some shitty thoughts or bad day, just get up and do makeup. Believe me for some girls, it's not all about having fair complexion or hiding your facial scars or to change the whole look; it's the strength to fight the world, like no one will point out you that you are broken, shattered - all they think is having perfect makeup means having a perfect lyf. ✨
Ps. Ik some of you won't agree and will say natural beauty natural beauty xD but believe me, perfect makeup can fool you honey! In any way. ☠️
-2A.M Thoughts.

View more Lg: TBH you're among those special people in my life for whome I'm thankful to Allah. ♥️ I have more sharing with you than my old school friends. Stay blessed and happy always😇♥️

Ayee hayee 💓
And you're the person with whom i can talk 24/7, even when i can't hold a convo for more than 5 min.
Tbh i can't wait to meet you, coz for me the best tym in uni is the tym i spend with you. ♥
Thankyew for everything, you literally made my life even more beautiphool. 🌹

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