Ask @IffatKanwal:

Worst thing you've done?

I broke up with a friend. Idk why I did this; we never had any serious fight, but we stopped talking. I regret that neither I ever tried to ask the reason nor she told me. Now sometimes I feel like something is missing. A part of me belongs to her. It's been 5 or 6 years, but I never got over that girl.
#BestTymWeSpentTogether. 🖤

View more Lg: TBH you're among those special people in my life for whome I'm thankful to Allah. ♥️ I have more sharing with you than my old school friends. Stay blessed and happy always😇♥️

Ayee hayee 💓
And you're the person with whom i can talk 24/7, even when i can't hold a convo for more than 5 min.
Tbh i can't wait to meet you, coz for me the best tym in uni is the tym i spend with you. ♥
Thankyew for everything, you literally made my life even more beautiphool. 🌹

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Thoughts of the day💯

کیا عزت صرف عورت کی ہوتی ہےمرد کی نہیں؟ کیا اگر ایک لڑکا اور لڑکی تنہائی میں اس حال میں پائے جائیں کہ لڑکی بے لباس ہو تو یہ لازم ہے کہ اسے بے لباس لڑکے ہی نے کیا ہوگا؟ کیا لڑکی گناہ گار اور بد کردار نہیں ہو سکتی؟
- جو بچے ہیں سنگ سمیٹ لو💕

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Worst punishment you were ever given?

Hayee lambii kahanii h but i swear bht kutton wali hoi thi 😭😂
I was hardly 7 or 8 years old when one nyt my sista caught me eating achar(pickle) late at nyt in kitchen. And then she locked the door and made me eat achar plate after plate. Even eating too much of it, i asked her, 'baji ab dhoo k kha ln?' 😂 phir dho k b kafi khaya. Or itna achar m ne pori zindagi noi khaya 😐
Ps- Now i 'll do the same with her aulad lkn wo tidday meri tarah chup k kxh khatay e noi. 😒😂

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What annoys you?

Aلi HAسAN✔
Double standards. 😩
And ask is full of such people.
Here you will get 10 likes in return of 1 like only if uh're a girl. And will get followers without even being asked for followback. Coz you 're a girl and tharkies are always on doorstep.
Well if you're a boy you wont even get a single like for 15 likes or a follow back.
Seriously it all hurts. Well i believe in being good to people for no reason, and expect the same from uh guys. 🌸

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