Ask @Iffi_khan:

You are gorgeous you are cute sweetness overloaded *.*. You are true definition of beauty. You look to me a really sweet girl.^_^ You seem super kind please gorgeous never lose your million dollar smile. And keep shining like a star. I wish we can talk. Stay blessed cutie pie:* ♥

Is it just me who doesn't Follow any of those clothing pages on Instagram? cause after looking at them outfits,
I start hating my whole wardrobe😭

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Post something worthliking ?

-Using hands as Indicators on a ROAD
-Pronouncing "Two ones are two" as "Two on za two"
-Discussing the rate of gold even If they don't have to buy it
-Threatening daughters by saying "Sasural ja ker kiya hoga tumhara" Since forever
-Measuring distance in minutes! 'Yar kitni dour hai?' 'Bus 5 minute'
-Having a big shopping bag with lots of smaller ones in it hanging in the kitchen
-Calling every diaper "Pampers" every washing powder "SURF" and every postal service "TCS"
-Solving a phadda by saying "Larai Larai maaf kro ALLAH ka ghr saaf kro"
-Leaving corner of JANAMAZ folded or shaitan will offer namaz on it
-Calling every male cousin "BHAI" since forever and then ending up marrying one of those "BHAIS"

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