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Recently a 16 year old girl was stripped down naked and made to walk on the streets in DI Khan KPK, Pakistan in Order to redeem the lost family honor and pride because of her brother being in an alleged relationship with a girl from the same village.
Sadly there was no public outrage, no tweets from feminist celebs, no major news coverage and very less social media outrage too.
Isn’t the incident same or worse then mashaal khan? Shouldn’t the culprits be punished by the state or it’s a common practice?
Isn’t it worse then burning the national flag or posting something against the armed forces which is already severely punished and searched for?
Until when we will cry out loud for some police wala taking 200rs or someone selling some bad things but not this?
Are you to ashamed too share these incidents because family add ha bro mere pass or you are in social acceptance with this?
#PakistanSpeaks #ArrestTheCulprits

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He scoffed, "I'd just like to question where the hell did the old Hannah go because she sure isn't here."
"She was pushed away by everyone so she changed so she could be independent," I reply strongly, wincing when the door slammed as he left. Nobody wants you, Nobody loves you, even as a friend.
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He could only once tolerate Louis when he was dating her best friend, but now ? He didn't know how to act nice towards him, knowing everything he did reminded him of the hurt he had caused Hannah. He remembered the nights where Hannah cried and Louis wouldn't even bother giving her a second glance.


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