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do you know any guys that have a crush on rachel? because if u do I would be shocked. she is ugly. her smile is weird. she dresses like a guy and she is just weird and stupid

bish whet -_- she is beyond gorgeous. Her smile is perfect. Everyone has flaws. Ok. She's not weird. She's perfectly normal. Maybe your weird? She doesn't dress like a guy she dresses comfortable. I do that all the time. So if you have a problem with her get out of here please. Thanks.:). And no. No guy has a crush on her cause she's married.

You. Are. So. Weird. Because. You. Are. Friends. With. Me(:

Ha. Ha. Ha. If. I'm. Friends. With. You. And. Your. Friends. With. Me. That. Makes. Us. Both. Weird.(;

Roses are red Violets are blue You may try to hide But I'll find you -A

I've been watching pretty little lairs toooooooooo much

My coach says being you along with me to practice. Think you can handle USA swimming?

When? And YEAH! ..... I hope.

Fun haha and no! Are you going next week? I think we are starting morning practices(:

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Maybe. I think we're going to lava hot springs. Are you?? (:


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