Ask @ImadSiddiqui:

Why do stars twinkle ✨ ? •QUESTION OF FACT•

Because when we look up to the skies in hope that all that's going in our lives all the things that are troubling us will soon disappear so when we look up we see those shining bright stars in the dark sky it gives us hope that light exists even in darkness it is the darkness without which we cannot appreciate the light........That's how I look at it.

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People who're crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do ! Well be a crazy boo who does all good stuffs😋✨. Whoever you're, Be a good one. Of Course you're a good one 😉 But if you think you're not then just remember no ones bad 😉 it's just our circumstances✌️✨

"To hell with circumstances;I create opportunities"
-Bruce Lee

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