Ask @ImmyWimmy1:

Shall we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about it?

I'm guessing this is addressing loving a partner, as opposed to friends/family?
Umm... From my own experience I would say a healthy balance of the first two. Looking for love because it helps to keep an open mind about where love may come from and waiting for love because love is something that, more often than not, needs time to grow and develop.

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Do you remember life without technology? What was it like?

I'm completely addicted to technology now, but I clearly remember that I used to have many plush and plastic toys I used to play with as a kid. Lego, Mega Bloks Dragons, plastic zoo animals, various Disney plush toys... I even had a set of plastic sea creatures I used to play with in the bath! XD
Oh yeah, I was also low key into dressing up Barbie dolls, but we don't talk about that...

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