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Sorry if this is annoying to ask, but would you ever consider using "trans women/girl" as a term over "shemales"/"futas" considering one is a slur and the other is just kind of offensive to apply to trans women (since I feel like they're who you draw more than just women who magically have dicks?)

I call what I draw shemales and futas, out of respect for real life trans people. What I draw is an oversexualised fantasy that has very little to do with reality. I feel that if I called my gals trans women it would be insulting to real people who have to deal with body image issues, discrimination etc..

Also term 'futa' and 'shemale' are "offensive" in real life because they are porn terms. I am drawing porn so I don't think theres any problems with using them.

Oh and as a side note: I will never, ever change anything I do because it might be offensive. I truly don't give a shit about about people who get offended. By anything.

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My very masculine Fem friend and I would like to know, If you were ever world wide famous would you pay for us to come to your place of residance and paint all over your body in bright pink and call you a flamingo?

Nope. But if you paid me I would consider letting you do it.

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Hey Incase ! Huge fan of your art. Are you taking collaborations or commissions ? (I've drawn a lineart picture which needs to be colored)

Nope. No collaborations... Unless you're Vintem.

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iv seen your pics and im very impressed not cuz its nude but the actual talent thats in the art its self im gonna be orking on making an actuall game soon and was wondering if i actually do get in to makingit would you be intersted in drawing up some characters


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Is it strange that i masturbait to your futa art as a girl? :-s

Eeew. Stop touching your gross vagina while looking at my stuff. EEEeeew

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Is there a way to reliably track when you open up for commissions? Which site would you consider your "main" or primary site?

Nope. It's all chaos.

I guess HF is my main page. Then the blog, then the tumblr.

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Your art is awfull and really ugly. Shitty style.


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It's finally happened, the zombies have come and you can only save THREE other HF users/OCs! D: Who do you choose and why?


I am not saving anybody. Fuck that. I am doing the whole lone survivor thing.

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Anyone on your blog can tell you have a fetish for futas and traps, but do you have an more subtle fetishes? like Glasses, Freckles, Short Hair and the such?

My biggest fetish is love :*

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ever been arrested? (be honest!)

No. But the fuzz once stopped me for riding a bike in a bike free zone.

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You say you love to draw dicks, but you can't even draw them. You always draw the same big tube of plastic, have you ever seen a dick.

Yes! One just asked me a question (4 months ago)! Ba-Dum-Tsh!

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Will you become available for commissions in the upcoming weeks ? Your skills have caught my eye something fierce. P.S.: I am so very much mildly confused.

Right now I have around 30 commissions in my queue. I won't be taking any new commissions before I deal with those.

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did your friends or family know that you are Incase or are you anonymous to them?

I am anonymous. I have a really accepting and progressive family, but there are limits. My father doesn't have to know that I like drawing men with tits fucking men without tits. He would accept it, but I feel it's better if I don't put him through that.

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How big is your cock? And what do you do for a living, if you're not a student of some sort.

Both of these questions have alredy been answered here. Can't you read?

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Hey Incase. wonderful works! do you have any non hentai stuff posted up anyplace ?


Yessss, but I am not showing!

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Did you ever just sit before your art and just watched it and smiling or is it just hobby?

The two are not mutually exclusive.

But nah it's not just a hobby. It's muh jab and passion.

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Do people ever ask you what you draw for a living?

Yep. Pretty much everyone I know is aware that I draw porn for a living. Only people that I keep in the dark are some conservative family members. The just know that I do vague freelance art things.

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Free commission please.

A commission is by definitions something that can not be free. If it's free then it's a request. I can not grant you your wish of a free commission because something like that can not exist.

Ya blew your chance boy. Now fuck off and be poor somewhere else.

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Where do you find money to subsist ?? O.o

In other people's pockets. Shhh don't tell anybody

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Do you ever do circumcised futa drawings?


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When are you going to be more clear about when you have commissions open? I see a lot of conflicting information between your blog and HF.

No. Putting other people into a state of mild confusion arouses my penis

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Invade could you make a tutorial on drawing faces, emotions, hands, bodies, and all the things you do dieting your practices... Cuz I would really like to know and learn you work process

Yes, if you made a tutourial on how to be a doctor, an electrical engineer and an astronaut. I'd like to know how to do that.

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Any chance we're gonna see some more Naga? I don't know why, but it really got to me... Maybe it was the long tongue. Same with the "Witch" pic, I guess.

Yesss, some more are coming

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Are you Bi? :P

Not sure. All I know that I am not straight. But since I haven't really done anything sexual with another guy in real life I don't want to assume. I might go 'eeeew diicks are not like in my chinese cartoons' and run away into the straight land. Who knows

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Would my 23cm penis satisfy you? :)

I imagine it would. Both sexually, and in an unlikely event of a plane crash in the mountains it would be very nourishing.

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