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5 lessons about life

1. Study hard. (Found out the hard way)
2. Eat a balanced meal. Not saying all veg all the time, but eat veg you actually like and eat other things too like sweets!!!
3. Keep family close, cause if you fall down.. And you will fall down some time.. They may be the only omes willing to help.
4. Get some fresh air now and then.
5. When microwaving things like bread.. Basically wheat things. Put it in with a small cup of water. That way it won't be soggy.

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Name a problem leaders in your country should solve?

Immigration laws to help my beloved wife come and live with me. I miss her. So much. This isn't how a married man should live brah. Unreal. This #LDR life is taking its toll on me, don't need goodbyes, heard it too many time before. And this love is taking its toll on me she said goodbye too many times befooOoore. #Maroon5

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If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

Title: Since that day
A 22-year-old young girl was sneaking out, getting high, getting drunk, partying hard nonstop, and verbally and physically abusing her younger sister. The girl comes home after five months or so in rehab, and reunites with her family. But the point of view can be given to the younger sister, who isn't ready to forgive her older sister to say the least. The younger sister has hatred, anger, and hurt after what she's been put through. And she resents that everyone is treating the older sister like a queen, like nothing ever happened, like the younger sister wasn't a victim at all. The story could focus on the younger and older sister's feelings, and how they slowly regain the bond they used to have a long, long, long time ago.

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