Why'd you want me to go away? Did i say something that insults you? I'm one of your follower 😥

even if you could be the pope, my answer to you would be the same.
Stop being abused and respects people, especially girls with boyfriend.

I'm sorry 😞...my bad ... I didn't mean to disrespect you.. I just thought to compliment you

I did not give you confidence for that kind of compliment. but you can tell from your conversation that you are one of those players that are out there
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It's because i can not speak to your language that's why i didn't understand what was written on your bio, tbh

You do not know how to speak my language, but you know how to use the words to abuse ... curious.

Your bio has different words that i couldn't understand yet... All i can say now is I'm very sorry 😞

Anyway, it's not worth it. do not fool me

How can i do that if i like you...I'm sorry but i like you very much

Do you like someone you do not know? Seriously, leave before you take a block.

I already know that it's not worth it because i seemed to abuse you in my words.. But for my peace of my mind and so yours that i want to apologize to you for my disrespecful words, though... I'll not fool you if you say so... But believe me that it was just a compliment..maybe that's how i praise

for me there is a huge difference between complimenting and abusing and that I know how to praise parts of a girl's body in the way you did it is to abuse, even because you did not care if I was dating or not, so you also failed to respect that person. therefore, to try to say that it was only a compliment, for me this is not good. I thank you that the conversation ends here, that I have nothing left to say to you.

yes, i know you just here in this platform...I'm not a hater type of person to hate someone even i don't know about him/her yet personally...I'll not say you that i like you if i don't like you

shut up you'd be better.

It's not i didn't care literally. okay, that's it I'll just sorry again if that's how i praise girls if that's how you see me. But please, for me it's just a compliment. After that it's nothing...

So if this is a compliment to you, compliment your friends or some other girl.

I myself know to forgive... I wish you forgive me as well for all the words that came to my mouth. Believe me

I do not forgive or believe you, so go away at once.

I can change. just believe me... I'll not compliment that way even to other girls

I do not want to know if you will praise others or not, I am completely indifferent, I just want you to leave and leave me alone or I will block you

I'm sorry i didn't please you 😞😞


I have nothing to say. My bad..i know it's my stupid praise that brought me here for apologizing

You've already seen that I'm not going to apologize, nor am I interested in having this conversation, so goodbye.

I don't want you to apologize because you didn't do anything wrong.. I was the one who made a mistake: my disrespectful words as you seem it that way. All i want is to forgiveness. I'll not hate you even though you reject my words not the praise one. I still like you because you're different ❤😞

I did not apologize for anything, lol, because the only person who made a mistake was you. stop there to make you a victim that you will not take anything from here.
I did not give you the confidence to use those hearts.
and already, do not speak as if you knew me because you do not know me or you will know

I expect you're not interested to these conversations and to talk to me as well because i'm just nobody to you. It's just i'm facing the reality 😞

the role of victim does not suit you.

I mean "just your forgiveness" (typo)... You should not apologize because I was the one who should apologize to you, not you. About the heart... Don't mind that .. It's just what it felt

You speak lines, but every time you bury more. What is worth is that you do not fool me. Is it too much to ask for?

You have had enough, I am so sorry for the last time. And that's it..you're already tired to talk to me... Just goodbye 😥😞

I never liked talking to abusive guys. goodbye.

I can not fool you anymore since you got mad at me and my compliment... Believe me. I don't fool you..What I've said is very true: My apology, everything. Even you don't know me yet...i don't wanna impress you by means of apologizing or whatever, I'm true right now, so please

To deceive, do not deceive, for sure. as for the supposed "compliment" it is not worth saying any more because you will never realize, for you these "compliments" are normal to say to a girl.

I know that already. Just ...I'm sorry .. Goodbye


If you still hate me to death, i'll accept that. No hard feelings for me..i made you that way..my bad

If you still hate me to death, i'll accept that. No hard feelings for me..i made you that way..my bad

Yeah, the "compliment" that i believed it's way good to hear before, but not anymore.... I don't want to deceive you and people as well by this word that i believed it's a compliment before... I don't like it anymore...i have no intension to decieve people in this point

at least it served to grow, not bad.

No, it's my line.. It's inappropriate for you to use it .. We're different...I'm the abusive and disrepecful as it may seem..I'm an asshole here, i messed up.. Goodbye

You said it, not me, goodbye.