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Be sure to carry a pen or pencil wherever you go. I always carry a pen or pencil (sometimes both) everywhere I go, including an amusement park. The pen is one of the most important things in the universe!

I carry a pen on me as well

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Have you ever been attracted to a pen or pencil and just admire how beautiful it looks?

Yes, especially fountain calligraphy pens and the glass ones

I’m depressed and I feel like I have no purpose or importance. I’m so lonely. If I go off anon and reach out to you will you be my friend? I’m desperate at this point. I need the support and I’ll be there for you too.

As long as its platonic and respectful

When I was in preschool, we were sitting in the colored squares and a girl blew air into the boy’s face that she sat next to. After that, I wanted to try it and decided to blow air into another boy’s face. He didn’t like it though.

I've done that on elementary school

If a question is Anonymous how do you know if it’s directed towards your account or if it’s just a general question

If the person clicks on your profile, they are given the option to ask you a direction (personal) question. But they have to click on your profile and choose to leave you a message that way. They can still leave the question anonymous if they want tho

Is this tik Toc cause I’m pretty your the girl for me 😉

That was just so fucking awful. Please pick up a book of pick up lines for dummies.

How do you feel about your ex?

I mean first guy is an absolute asshole. No redemption there. The second guy is ok, he was a real dick and still shouldn't have done what he did but that's over with. Can't change shit. But I would like to know why he watched my insta story. Seems like he's stalking my socials, ya know

I was so excited for you to come visit me. You talked about it for so long. Literally days before we had plans you lost feelings. Why not just say no I’m not into you and don’t want to visit. I don’t care anymore. But don’t lead pple on like that. I feel so sorry for your so or next so.

Damn, that's fucked up


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