Good job on the Hisako page. I picked up KI not too long ago, and she's got everything I love in my fighting game characters. However, it seems like you missed some of her mobility options, namely her wall jump and teleport. Or is that still not enough to solve her mobility problem?

Yeah, I didn't mention her wall jump and teleport, partly because I half-forgot about them and partly because sometimes it's fun to leave little pieces for the players to explore on their own. Her wall jump is okay, but it doesn't travel too far horizontally so I don't think it's incredibly useful for corner escapes. Her back+K teleport is very easily punished on reaction, so I would almost never do it in neutral... it might be okay on prediction to certain slower full-screen moves, or trying to cancel the teleport into counter to catch a punish, but most characters can just throw you for 100% success rate so I don't think this is super viable long term. The best way to solve her mobility problem is forward dashing and her not-terrible jump, and she does have On Ryo Zan to move her forward, but these tend to be somewhat risky so they're not all-purpose, and forward dashing means your wrath can't regenerate, which means you'd have to press fewer buttons. It's a tough trade-off.