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Do you judge people based on their knowledge of grammar?

i won't speak to you until your grammar reaches a certain level of shittiness

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Do you enjoy travelling on a ferry?

i no i don't enjoy travelling on a furry

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Do you buy physical copies of your light novels or do you buy them off the Amazon kindle store?

A mix of both. I get stuff not available on Kindle and stuff I really like/have good art physically.

If I want to randomly try something or if it's a book without cute anime girls I buy the kindle version to save space/shipping.

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What are you going to get Kastel for his birthday?

the star ocean mobage

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Is your true identity momocashew, the vocalist/composer for mili? A 23 years old Chinese Canadian computer science student who learned Japanese in order to play games? And when asked by a fan if her personality was more dere, she responded she was an Ossan? Lol holy shit curry i'm a big fan!!!!!!

i'm 21 so no

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I want to fap to otokonoko but I'm afraid it'll make me guy. WHAT DO I DO?!?

fap to it in front of a girl and look her in the eye to assert dominance

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When was the last time you spent an entire day without your phone? What did you do?

last weekend

played video games all day

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Thoughts on the Rewrite anime?

didn't watch it yet, not sure if i want to watch it

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What are your eating habits like? Do you cook everyday and eat out when you have money, or do you have frozen food and cup noodle every day? If you cook what are some cheap options?

frozen food and cup noodle all day every day

if you're cheap and want to cook you can probably get pasta or noodles in bulk and cook them in boiling water and add soy sauce

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So what serial lain even about, I was going through exhentai and saw a doujin on it, and i remembered it being the hottest shit back on tv tropes way back when. I still don't really get what it was about any clues?

Dunno, never watched it

(so how was the doujin)

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What was your favorite part of zhp? Mine was when I found out I was a pedophile because my waifu was literally 0-1 years old, also the silent protagonist who isn't really one since he has family issues lol

Tfw you told yourself to never go single digit but then your waifu turns out to be a baby

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Do you still draw? is the surface any good for digital art?

I didn't buy the Surface so I have no opinions there, the only people I know who have it use it to draw diagrams when taking notes in class.

I like to think that I'm still drawing, but my soul is kill

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In the vein of the other question, do you have a Vita? If so what are your favorite games for it?

Yes. I had another ask for Vita games here:

I didn't actually like the gameplay in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth since it was slow and easy, but everything else they did with it was pretty cool so I feel like recommending it (other people seemed to like the battle system more than I did at least). If you're open to PSP game suggestions then Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku is very good. I liked Makaishin Trillion on the Vita but it's because my expectations were rock bottom after I gave up hope on ever getting a Zettai Hero follow up. There are probably other stuff I liked but can't immediately recall.

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about how long did it take u to get basic japanese grammar down? also is it best to jump straight into reading eroge while referencing imabi?

Been a while so I don't remember, but basic grammar doesn't take that long to click. You might want to get to the point where you don't have to reference a guide every single line before reading eroge, but if I guess if you're determined you can do it. I spent a long time sitting on my ass with basic knowledge and playing games in English with bad translations anyways, so as long as you don't do what I do you will probably turn out ok.

If you need to reference basic grammar a lot, try not expecting any enjoyment out of whatever you're reading.

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Did you ever formally study Japanese grammar or did you just pick it up naturally from reading eroge and playing JRPGs?

Well what I did was go to some high school Japanese 101 class that spent the entire fucking year teaching you kana and some basic grammar that you probably half picked up from watching anime if you're weeb enough, so that was my "formal study."

Obviously I had to study some commonly used grammar on my own before playing games properly, but Japanese grammar and conjugations are relatively straightforward until you encounter む, which is where you start heading into the deep abyss of time.

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Have you played any of the Venus Blood games?

Not yet, but I plan to.

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any good pc jrpgs?

For eroge you have Alicesoft's games which tend to be well-received. I've only tried Rance VI and it's quite fun, and I hear good things about Evenicle if you want something more recent that also captures the fun of old JRPGs. There's also Ninetail's recent games that are bound to be addicting if you enjoy difficulty and complex systems that give you lots of freedom and game-breaking potential. Felshis is low budget and feels older than it actually is with bad art and a DRPG system done in an ADV engine (and is also a part of a larger series so play Eve & Amatsukaze first ok), but it's got cool skill trees and equipment upgrades that are further refined in later games (or so I hope). I have yet to play Gears of Dragoon 2 but it's probably a good game to try since it's their most recent game and has a standalone story.

If you want all-ages games there's Falcom's older games: Sora no Kiseki (3 games), Ys Felghana & Origin (if you want action RPGs that have fun bosses and aren't too long), Gurumin (not really an RPG but yeah), Dinosaur (if you like getting lost), Zwei II. The Gagharv trilogy is also good but doesn't seem to like modern Windows.

Experience's older games were originally for PC (Generation Xth) but even the Vita port of the first two games (Operation Abyss) felt too ghetto to me. They're classic DRPGs with character creation and lots of stats to care about if you like those. For something more recent there's 剣の街の異邦人 which got an English release on Steam.

There seems to be quite a bit of JRPG ports getting released on Steam these days like Square Enix's stuff or Tales (Berseria is probably getting released on Steam, and it's a good game according to several people I know). NISA is porting over some NIS games such as Phantom Brave and the Disgaeas starting from 1, and they come with Japanese text on Steam so you don't have to deal with their infamous translations.

Most PC JRPGs aside from eroge are going to be console ports, have console ports, or are multiplat, so if you're looking for exclusives try looking into doujin games. Touhou no Meikyuu 2 seems well-liked, and doujin games tend to be more difficult since they don't need to sell to the general public. If you don't like DRPGs then you're probably stuck with console ports of Square Enix games or something.

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God damn my roommate is going to eat my hamster what do I do!!??

a. eat it before he does
b. hope it gets cancer before anyone eats it (more likely than it sounds)

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Do you like em big or small?


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some cool vita games?

Ys VIII is a given
Disgaea 4 Return (includes all the DLC)
ルフランの地下迷宮と魔女ノ旅団 is what I would definitely call "cool" since it attempts interesting things
Dungeon Travelers 2 for a really solid DRPG
The Kiseki Evolutions (not that I played them, but the base games are good)
Atelier ports of the Dusk Trilogy (seems to have lots of added content)
Oboro Muramasa
Taiko no Tatsujin V has a track from Ys so I feel obligated to include it
Net High

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Name your three biggest weaknesses!

1. i'm literally retarded

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Why do babies exist? Cant they all just explode?

Since they can explode, various organizations keep them around as mini-nukes in case they need some extra power. Unfortunately they rarely get put to use so they grow up and are gotten rid of.

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id poke a curry


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Is it greener on the other side=being a internet celebrity?

you should redirect this question to someone who has actually become a meme

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