Four biases of yours are cursed to live as babies for pissing off a powerful witch. Which four would you pick to take care of? Which two would be constantly fighting? Which one would be the most clingy? Which one would sleep all day? Also, sort them from least troublesome to most troublesome.

First of all, this would never happen because if I was put in charge of taking care of them they would probably all end up dead somehow. Human babies are very scary.
Bacon, Immy, Sugsug, Chunji. All different groups!
Baekhyun would be the most clingy.
Immy would probably sleep all day.
Chunji would probably fight with Sugsug, because I feel like Chunji would be a bit devilish and try to instigate stuff and Sugsug would just want to be left alone.
From least to most troublesome? I think it would go like this:
Immy » Sugsug » Chunji » Bacon
Bacon would be the person who really wants to be helpful, and in doing so, accidentally messes everything up completely. XD

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