You meet Luhan for the first time in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To be honest, he escapes your notice at first. After all, the two of you are only eleven years old and both of you have other concerns — namely, he is watching out for Yixing while you are watching out for KJ. You're the first to be Sorted. Although your body is trembling with nerves, you put on a brave face as you take your place on the hot seat. You refuse to smile or blush, your mouth forming a stern line. You can hear the Sorting Hat whispering to you that Ravenclaw and Slytherin would be equally fitting choices for you, but in the end, Slytherin it is. A cheer erupts from the table of students clad in black and green as you make your way over to them. For some reason, not a lot of females have been Sorted into Slytherin this year. The loudest applause, though, comes from a very short girl wearing Hufflepuff colors.
The next to be Sorted is Yixing, and the immediacy with which the Sorting Hat calls out, "SLYTHERIN!" seems to confuse everyone. He looks so.. spacey. Still, there's a glint of cunning in his eyes as he swiftly takes in all the expressions of bewilderment.
Luhan is slow to walk up to the podium, his little feet almost clumsy as he carefully climbs the steps and clambers into the stool. At this age, he's noticeably shorter than Yixing and seems to be much more fragile; his blond curls present a stark contrast to Yixing's ink-black hair. "Hm," the hat says aloud, murmuring to itself. "Interesting. Yes, very interesting, indeed. On the surface, there's loyalty and determination, hard work and patience. Hufflepuff, then? No?" Luhan fervently shakes his head, so hard the hat almost falls off his head. "Oh, I see it now," says the hat. "There's something deeper here — so deep, in fact, the common eye would miss it. My vision, thankfully, is far from common. There's ambition here, resourcefulness, and cunning. And — what's that? You want to be with Yixing? The two of you together.. I shudder to think — well, after all, who am I to say? There's strength in numbers, to be sure. SLYTHERIN!"
Little Luhan catapults out of the chair, nearly upsetting it altogether, as he runs in a headlong sprint toward Yixing and grabs fistfuls of the other boy's cloak. "Xing!" he squeaks out, amidst the cheers that surround him. "We did it! We're going to be together!" Just then, a deeper, more mature voice scoffs at Slytherin's newest member — a voice that cuts below the cheers and is meant to be heard.
"This tiny kid is going to be in Slytherin? He'd better grow up quick!"
You happen to overhear this, and the way little Luhan's lower lip juts out in a defiant pout makes you helpless against your own reaction. "Hey!" you snap, stepping closer to the boy who said it. "When he grows up to be taller and smarter than you, I hope you watch your step. I could take you /right now/ — don't underestimate me!"

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