Shinhwa are villains! Decide who: is secretly a hero (/a spy), became a villain because of love, wants to destroy the world, loves to hurt/torture people more than kill, only cares about killing his hero rival (pick the hero), citizens thought was good but is actually evil.

Going with the cinnamon roll analogy, I would say that citizens thought ANDY was good but he is actually evil. Plus he was in a bunch of 반전 dramas; the word 반전 means "reversal, twist, turn around" and the dramas are designed to have a giant plot twist at the end. So it kind of fits for little Andy, even though Jinnie and Eric also starred in several, if I remember correctly. On that note, JUNJIN became a villain because of love. He is very sensitive and emotional, and I feel that if he had to become a villain, love would be the thing that drove him to it. I would say HYESUNG loves to hurt and torture people more than kill him, just based on his propensity for violence, haha. He is a prince, so he would not want to dirty his hands /too/ much, but he wouldn't be able to totally stay out of the action either.
It is a bit harder for me to find out where Eric, Dongwan, and Minwoo fit, since I do not see any of them wanting to destroy the world. If I squint and think of them as playing villainous roles, and go back to the days of the Yo! music video, I'll say MINWOO wants to destroy the world and ERIC only cares about killing his hero rival. This leaves DONGWAN to be the hero, which probably doesn't surprise you. And the hero rival Eric would fight Only because I think they're both very handsome, either Jang Hyuk or Hyun Bin.

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