Tell the story of meeting a friend of yours for the first time?

I met Ninachu [ @oddsyn ] through a mutual person.
My desire to fully immerse myself in the Korean language while being part of a largely Caucasian community in the United States led me to the World of Warcraft forums. When someone [the mutual person in question] posted about a guild for Korean people interested in learning English and English speakers interested in learning Korean, I jumped at the chance. Funny thing is I never actually joined the guild. After getting in contact with Mutual Person, he introduced me to several people. One of them was Ninachu. So Mutual Person, Other Mutual Person, Nina, and I were all in a Skype chat. This was when I was first introduced to Magic Box [and 방탄소년단].
Mutual Person was trolling Nina about something and Other Mutual Person joined in. I don't remember exactly what it was about, but she sassed the crap out of them. I thought she was so tough and witty, and the fact that she was also interested in k-pop intrigued me. I've been a Shinhwa fan since 2002 but at this point I kind of had stopped paying attention because a lot of things in my life had hit the proverbial fan. So she kind of got me back into the k-pop scene and taught me a ton of new groups.
Thanks to her I eventually learned all the EXO members by name and could tell all the members of B.A.P apart when they all wore matching things and had the exact same color hair — which remains the most difficult k-pop challenge I have faced.

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