The boy squints down at you, crossing his arms. "Who's going to stop me? YOU?" He bursts into laughter — until you lean forward and, glancing left and right to be sure you won't be seen, twist his cloak in knots until he nearly falls over and chokes himself.
"Leave the first years alone," the Slytherin prefect cuts in smoothly, gripping the older boy's cloak by the throat and flicking him away from you as though he weighs less than a feather. He casts a dazzling smile at you. "From the looks of it, you could've handled that yourself, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't step in, little wildcat." He pats your head and then walks away, leaving Yixing and Luhan gaping at you wide-eyed in his wake. Your knee-jerk reaction is to be flustered when you catch them staring.
"What're you looking at?" you mutter, crossing your arms.
"Lulu!" Yixing squeaks, cupping his hand to whisper to the smaller boy, "is she mad?"
Luhan puffs out his cheeks sulkily. "We can look if we want," he mumbles, blushing.
"Not if she /catches/ us, Lu," Yixing says pointedly.
Luhan's eyes go wide, then narrow speculatively. "Xing, not /now/," he hisses.
[ F A S T . F O R W A R D . S E V E N . Y E A R S ]
You've known Luhan and Yixing for seven years now, and the three of you are practically inseparable. Somehow — you can't believe it yourself — you've become a Prefect. So has Yixing. You expected Luhan to become a Prefect, too, but every time you bring it up he shakes his head with a sassy smirk. "I like misbehaving too much," he points out, tossing a wink at Yixing. It's no secret that Yixing sometimes abuses his power for more indulgent endeavors — mainly ones that involve your cozy trio. Still, while Yixing's perfectly happy keeping his position knowing he's being sneaky, Luhan is slightly easier to read — i.e. he is a /terrible/ liar — and it's safer to just lay low.
"Well, don't expect /me/ to go easy on you," you tease him. You're usually not sneaky; you leave it to them. You're actually pretty evenhanded and take your position seriously, but at the same time you tend to turn a blind eye to their eviler machinations. This technically makes you an accomplice, but you don't really mind.

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