Ask @InvaderOfFreedom:

What quote is like music to your ears?

Which fictional character would you date?

i don't have a picture of zenyatta but i have this

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Is there something you found out about yourself while using ASKfm?

that i shouldn't use this site

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Saturday mood? PAP! Change your profile emoji!

why are bots trying to be cool

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Can I live in your freezer?

i'm already in here

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Describe yourself in atleast 2 words!

robot kisser

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PAP your favourite Pokemon!

Would you call a group of groupers a groupest?

shut your h*ck

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What's are/is your favorite game(s)?

i've been playing a ton of overwatch lately
i got to level 50 in a week

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Have you ever heard Coldplay's Ink titled song?

super aesthetic ell

Have you ever heard Coldplay's song titled Ink?

from a scale of 1 to 10 what is your favorite number from the english alphabet using einsteins law of geometry and the legendary neptune city rule


Oh my god I actually just found that video just a few days ago

rest in thi pepperonis
i was looking for the song at 2 am and i didn't know there was a life action version

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people in my kitchen are having a serious conversation on why bring me to life has intellectual meaning

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i'm thinking of buying stardew valley
if anyone thinks it's worth buying tell me your opinions or something, i don't wanna buy a game that isn't worth playing

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that dog doing the running man challenge though

Best pick up line you've heard?

get in the car they know about the murder

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