Ask @IradessaLemuria:

What to do, when it's boring?

The old Iradess'ka cant come to the phone right now. Why? Cause she's dead!
When you try to channel your past life self and she fucking hits you with a meme basically.

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Who were your triplets in lemuria?

life & light ✨💐

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What should be illegal?

animal abuse!!!

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PAP Facebook messenger?

sweet beans are the Lemurians btw 😂✨

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Who's the one person that makes you laugh all the time?

honestly marii ( @roseofsagittarius ) has me DYIN' sometimes

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What is a common misconception about you?

A lot of my guy friends seem to think I'm weak and fragile.
I have lightening in my bones, I just know how to pick my battles.

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If you were a volunteer, where would you like to work?

An animal shelter!!! xxx 🐶🐱🐰🐮

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What do you miss the most when you're away from home?

my kylo ren pillow buddy 😂 and my dogs 💘

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what is your most favorite power that you have?

Electrok & radio wave manipulation I think is the cooliest.

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PAP something that reminds you of Lemuria?

Last hug?

my mom 💗🌸

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Last kiss?

my boyfriend 💘🐷

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Who do you miss?

pickle rick

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If you could tell someone anything what would you tell them?

Who do you hate?

I don't think I really *hate* anyone. I hate actions people do. I believe that how people treat others is a reflection on yourself, so if you live with hate in your heart it's just because you are dissatisfied with your own life. Its better to wish healing on people, not just because you set yourself free, but because you free them as well. Who has time to walk around with such hate when there is so much beauty 🌸

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Are you vegan?

I have a vegan mentality, however I truly believe in modern society it is impossible to be *truly* vegan. I do the best I can, and haven't eaten meat in 2 years ! xx 🌱🍉👌🏼🌼✨🌟

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Who do you love?

Generally speaking I love everyone :D My default is love unless you give me a reason not to. But lately I've been learning to love people in spite of their faults. I also am working on loving myself more so I can radiate that love on the outside to all the people, plants, and animals xx 🍓🌸🌟💫🍉🍎☘️🌱🌼🐷💘💗

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Do you miss summer already?

yes 😫

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What's the last concert/festival you attended?

im bored and hooked up to a machine for the night someone spam moi

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I live in a house but someone around is always making noise..whats the best way to hex them?

Don't hex people :0( If they are really loud all the time you could try leaving a note in their mailbox or calling a non emergency police number.

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Why won't my neighbors stfu?

Do you live in an apartment? :(

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Friday night party plans???

I fell asleep at 8 and stayed asleep for 17 hours....#lazycat

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Who's your top friend on Snapchat?

My sister Lindsey 😂

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Okay so I look forward to helping ease your boredom, but please realize my primary allegiance is to Isole for she is the one true force in the universe for which I even exist...

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