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Is Mutiny going to be Nutaku exclusive?

It'll release on Nutaku first, yes.

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How has getting Nutaku funding helped in the development of Mutiny? Did it make the development processes faster?

I wouldn't say faster, but having funding always allows us to buy more of a freelancer's time. We don't really have studio members, so much as very close freelancers we like to work with. But part of that agreement is that they can only work for us as much as money allows.

But it's not just Nutaku publishing Mutiny!!, in general Lupiesoft dev cycles have gotten faster as we've gotten better, made mistakes and learned what works and what doesn't.

I think that devs in the VN scene especially are guilty of constantly reiterating on the same project until they get good, afraid to release it with flaws. But we've failed, gotten faster and now Mutiny!! is our biggest most expansive game yet, and will probably be usurped of that title by Dizzy Hearts

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It's already been 2 years since the Toko prelude--was it always your plan to release all of them simultaneously or did something just screw up your schedule? Because there seems to be no point in doing the whole episode thing if 3 chapters are coming out weeks within each other after 3 years.

It's not going to be weeks within each other, I want there to be a gap between releases, but the plan is to write them at the same time for consistency sake. There will be some things that will take longer like music, making a video. Things we want to do that we couldn't really cover all at once.

That said we want to focus on Dizzy Hearts at near the end of the year, and Toko after that. We want to make that release worthwhile rather than do it for the sake of saying it's done.

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Not trying to spoil things for anyone but I have to ask this.. What I assume was the early concept for Alcina was a futa whose dick wasn't exactly like a humans and I liked the variety in having that. Was that changed for any of the cast?

There was a Liger character before I concepted, but Alcina herself is a Red Panda. Which I felt matched better design wise with the rest of the crew.

Other than that, no that aspect hasn't been changed for any character. A lot of people are curious but I plan to have a H-teaser and a Gameplay teaser now that the general teaser is out.

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What's the release schedule for all the upcoming projects you have? What comes before Mutiny!! and maybe afterward?(vagabond still a thing)? Will that be spread throughout 2018 and 2019?

Mutiny: Spring 2017
Dizzy Hearts: Winter 2017
Toko: Chapter 1 likely mid 2018 as we're completely all 3 chapters at the same time. With chapters releasing within 3-4 weeks of each other.

Vagabond is a project that's after that. While we know what the story is, we're still not 100% on the medium to tell that. After all that's done we have short stories and longer stories we want to tell late 2018, early 2019.

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Checking out the new chars i'm really glad that Alcina still made it in- albeit with a few chances from what I believe her concept was. Also it seems Foo got a breast enlargement bigtime? I'd prefer her original bodytype but that's alright. Is there more than 3 Futas now? Alcina will be my fave.

There's four. Alcina, Bree, Foo, Grozdana.

Foo I wasn't a fan from before. Foo is a little rounder, with a tummy, She feels like she has a much higher cuddle quotient so I liked the design a lot more.

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Were any changes made to Bree? Asking for a friend.

She has a cute lock of white hair now.

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I can admit I wasn't too interested in Stargazers since I started paying attention to your art for things more like Menagerie.. Mutiny!! has me back on board and i'm really excited about the direction it's going to take since I hear it's not strictly a vn? Futa/yuri/mongirls is best combination.

The story telling is VN-style, the treasure hunting is done via mini games.

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If you were taking commissions, is there any fetishes you would absolutely refuse to draw? I know the games you have made so far don't delve into extreme territory but are you personally against it all or is it just too risky for an early studio?

One of our very first games featured a futanari with a 13" dick, as far as content goes I've never been shy. Our games are what they are.

But to answer your other question, I wouldn't draw things that make me uncomfortable. I wouldn't draw things that make me feel terrible. I would say my tastes are in a zone of being very fetishistic without crossing the line into extreme violent erotica, bathroom, NTR, blood etc. (I'm just not into those fetishes)

When I talk about the erotic side of Mutiny!! teaser I'll be sharing more about what's going to be in the game.

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Is there a character that is the main focus of sorts in Mutiny!! ?.. Or are they all equally important and the story doesn't really follow any one character?

I'll have more details later but the main focus of the story is on Grace and 4 characters. With the other 4 characters. However each one of their routes is near the size of all of Menagerie. When you factor in minigames it's a huge amount of playtime for this title.

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Will you be releasing a size chart for the Mutiny characters? I expect Lara is the shortest?

Yea, there will be a size comparison out in a few days.

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Did any of the early concept characters for Mutiny!! make it into the game and if so which ones made the cut? If it isn't still too early to say.

You'll find out tomorrow when we reveal the whole cast!

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So I bought the Menagerie recently and I was playing through Key and Asuma's route. I'm confused about the second part of it... they act like they've never met each other before? But it's established early on that Asuma is the closest thing Key has to a friend. What's going on? Did I miss something?

There's a scene that's a flash back scene that isn't well transitioned to. So when it happens it feels like a continuation of the current convo.

When we made Menagerie we weren't very adept at renpy and sometimes it's the little scene to scene animations that are the trickiest parts of making a VN to learn to do well. Even though it's one of our very first VNs we hope you like it anyways and look to see us grow to make more polished games.

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I'm probably the only one who still has this question but is the Menagerie patch still officially "on the way"?.. Seems everything is moving past the point of no return with other projects but I thought that patch was partially complete and would be wasted efforts if dropped.

Menagerie patch is a bit bigger than just a simple patch as we're updating the sprites. I've already posted some examples of these on Twitter and Patreon, so it's definitely not something we've forgotten. We don't often all work on the same project at a time. We teased it a while back but it is still being worked on.

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Here we go again ^^ I hope its okay to ask more than one question. Is it set in the same universe with menagerie? Is its planned to be a Episodic title? How many different species of monstergirls are included in the vn?

There is no Menagerie/Dizzy Hearts universe in the game. It's not episodic, and the game is much longer than our other games released thus far. Besides the main character there are 8 characters on the crew, the captain is human, but rest of the crew are all monster girls.

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Then I ask the Question here 😄 Are there choices too? And can they change some situations in the Story and lewd wise? Or how they behave? Thankies, kara


Yes, it's not a kinetic story, there's character routes like traditional VN mixed with game play elements.

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Will Lupiesoft exclusively develop VNs, or is it on the table someday to expand to other genres, such as RPG?

Mutiny!! is our first foray into incorporating gameplay into our VNs. I like how VNs tell stories (other games like Disgaea do it this way too).

Mutiny!! features things like puzzles minigames, ship to ship minigames, and more. While there are several minigames in Mutiny!! we are not going whole hog with development so that we can still release the game in the Spring.

But if fans like this there's no reason we can't do more. Either in new games or adding game+story modes to Mutiny!! itself after release.

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How do you go about having sexual themes in your vns without them getting into 18+ territory? Toko for example has succubi characters and presumably has a circle in Hell where there are nothing but lust demons. How do you approach those subjects without them getting too graphically sexual?

You can allude to sex without it actually being seen. I could have made Menagerie without any sex scenes whatsoever, and it'd take a lot of rewriting, but it would come off as just as debaucherous. Toko uses a mixture of innuendo and straight up sex talk, but none of that is against Steam's rules, you can get away with writing almost anything. Overall Toko has a comedic tone which lets it get away with a lot.

Hell even the content Game of Thrones would be perfectly acceptable on a place like Steam (as long as you didn't show any of the sex)

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I heard there was a patch to Menagerie some time ago. What exactly did that patch do? Is there another one still coming?

Menagerie patch has an art update, adds endings, adds some extra scenes. Explains more things in detail such as during Asuma/Monkey's endings. One Asuma/Monkey ending was very hard to get and considered the true ending, might change that one. Also it adds some CGs.

Like with Toko patch we're timing it with release of new content, in this case a whole new DLC chapter for two new characters and their story.

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Have you ever played Trillion: God of Destruction? If you have how do you think it compares to the Disgaea games? I'm talking story, design, and gameplay wise.

I haven't played it. I know that artist from Compile Heart gets confused with Takehito Harada a lot. I've heard it's gameplay can be very repetitive. But I overall like it's aesthetic and character design. Story wise it's kind of straight forward isn't it?

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Apologies if this has been answered before, but do you have any advice in starting a visual novel as well as forming a studio?

The crass answer would be "don't". But if you're prepared for suffering than start small, build big. Don't try to overdo things about the best game ever, build up to it. Each game you make should teach you something new.

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What was the budget on Stargazers?

Can't give you an exactly $ but it was low compared to other EVNs. I tend to work for much less and use that to pay our writers/musicians.

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is stargazers episodic?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, it's inspired by pulp fiction, Adventures of [____] stories from my childhood. So the idea is the adventures continue even after the story ends. Maybe we might do more? We have stories like Dizzy Hearts, Vagabond, Toko, those are more important right now.

Even if we did do more Stargazers, it would be adventures like this one, pirates, smugglers, encounters with aliens, it's not intended to be a save the universe sort of story.

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With Stargazers released and work on Dizzy Hearts starting up, I'm curious where it's at development wise. You've been doing art updates for it etc. So, how much of the art and writing is done at the moment?

Most of the Dizzy Hearts story has been plotted out, lots if scenes already written. but we'll be redoing the outline now for redrafting and to bring in things we've learned from previous projects. Art wise, a few BGs namely the interiors need to be updated. We have some ideas we are testing as well, such as Live2d sprites and animated backgrounds.

Biggest thing we need to do is the writing of course as it will be our biggest game yet.

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What kind of Mood will Stargazers have throughout the story? Will it be as silly and light as the demo? Does it have much drama, angsty or dark moments?

There are serious moments, however it's inspired by an optimistic view of the future. Very Flash Gordon or even Star Trek-esque with a focus on adventure. So no angsty moments, that's something we're going to save for Toko!

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