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Bell's password is imabostonwhore

Lololol yes it is

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Whats your facebook


fuck off twerp

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pap of feet?

I fucking hate feet. send me another damn question about fucking feet and you will be blocked.

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Booty pic for 50 likes?


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I love you, but the girl below was just telling you that to be nice and to warn you because she doesn't want you to get hacked, you could've just said okay

This is my ask I can say and do whatever the fuck I want

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when people send you links, don't answer them. that's how they hack you. you can click on them all you want but don't answer them dude. this is one of my favorite accounts and I'm just warning ya because I don't want you to get hacked.

oh really? I didn't know that. thanks captain obvious!

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Do u like dylan stafford

can you not like stop

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why the fuck did you change the password.

Dylan Stafford

what mascara do you use

I use whatever I have in my makeup bag lmao

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Ya don't say nigga it's not for u lol


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your eyelashes actually look great why tf does everyone talk shit


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Ew ur eyelashes all clumped up ✋

do you wear makeup like every day? tf

Emma Pacheco
looks like you got enough on in your dp for the both of us sooo

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I LOVE YOU OMG .. (( pls reply ))


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that eye picture just loks so gross..

be quiet you look like a thumb

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how do u get 50 likes in 16 minutes

Post a picture of your hand?

throwback lol

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Why do girls have it more easier than guys? sometimes i wish i was a girl cause my sister always has to worry about doing her hair and shit and girls have it a lot easier reyshelle...ja

yeah okay.
guys don't have periods
guys don't have to worry about their boobs flopping around and being in the way with everything you do
guys don't have to have the babies
guys don't have to worry about stretch marks
guys don't have to worry about their figure
I'm not saying guys have it easier but..
nah I am saying they have it easier.

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Like for a rate (do all)


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hi im @giannarella19 and im the girl who's 13 and might be pregnant please help me :(

have you never watched mean girls?
don't have sex! you'll get pregnant and die.

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Thoughts on vagina boobs and ass? Lol!

what all girls have, hopefully.

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I need a shirt that says" im sorry, i literally do not care at all"!

fuck you I don't want no ravioli nigga

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Heyy. 

Like for a

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