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tram99’s Profile PhotoDania braik
What does it take to find me the man who won't go and break my heart ? 💔
There's only one and he's got the key 🔑 🖤 but we are two worlds apart 🙃
Some day my prince 🤴 will come for me 😳
Save me from this harm that haunts me 💪🏻
When will I be free ✅ , tell me
Some day he will come for me 💤
What does it take to find me the man who wont go and break my heart  


SireenHash’s Profile Photo'الفَرآشّة' سِيْرّيْ️
maokai never die when the adc is calling you
Can you hear him screaming out your name?
maokai never die, he become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Relentless you survive ~
he never lose hope when everything's cold and the fighting's near
It's deep in their bones, he'll run into smoke when the fire is fierce
Oh pick yourself up, 'cause ~
#League_of_Legends ❤ ~ ❤ !!

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MohammadIsamIstatiyeh’s Profile PhotoMohammad istatiyeh
@mohmad_betar ❤ _ ❤ ~
اخوي و صاحبي طفولة و حياتي و قلبي و اهم اشي انكـ منقذي بكل امتحان دين وحنا بل 7-8-9-10 ههههههههـ والله قلبي ابو بيت و انت كلشي غالي علي ❤ ~
الله يخليلي اياكـ يخوي ❤ ~
والله خيرات الله مشتقلكـ ❤ ~
اخوي و صاحبي طفولة و حياتي و قلبي و اهم اشي انكـ منقذي


MohammadIsamIstatiyeh’s Profile PhotoMohammad istatiyeh
In the Second World War, the Soviets were chanting:
If the soldier loses his legs in the war ... he can hug friends.
If he loses his hands ... he can dance at weddings.
If he loses his eyes ... he can hear the music of the homeland.
If he loses his hearing, he can enjoy seeing the loved ones.
If man loses everything ... he can lie on his own land.
But if man lost the land of his homeland ... What can he do?
It will not be understood by those who do not recognize the concept of the homeland ... !!!!!!!
كان السوفييت في الحرب العاملية الثانية ينشدون انشودة تقول :
اذا فقد الجندي ساقيه في الحرب ... يستطيع معانقة الأصدقاء .
اذا فقد يديه ... يستطيع الرقص في افراح .
اذا فقد عينيه ... يستطيع سماع موسيقى الوطن .
اذا فقد سمعه يستطيع التمتع برؤية الأحبة .
اذا فقد الأنسان كل شيئ ... يستطيع الأستلقاء على أرض وطنه .
اما اذا فقد الأنسان ارض وطنه ... فماذا بمقدوره ان يفعل ؟؟؟
لن يفهمها من لا يعترفون بمفهوم الوطن ... !!

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In the Second World War the Soviets were chanting
If the soldier loses his

Milego dnia

werkatazkrainybajki’s Profile Photozaczarowanaaax3
😴 in the end you will go to the bed and remember what happened in your day and what will happened tomorrow and why that happened today and should i say that tomorrow and when i will wake up when i will sleep again should i say sorry for him today should i say i love you tomorrow when i will die what will happen when i will die all that’s questions will stick in your mind over and over and over “ every single day “ 😴 ~
Milego dnia

ممسساحهه 💛؛

Rawan_Bnt_Al8saam’s Profile PhotoRawan.
As a child, you would you wait and watch from far away , but you always knew that you would be the one to work while they all play , and you , you lay , awake at night and scheme , of all the things that would change , but it was just a dream ~ here we are , don't turn away now , we are the #warriors , that built this town from #dust ~ !!
#warriors 💙 ~

مسآحة ،♡

💙 #the_first_time 💙 ~
Should i say that i miss you so badly ? 😞
Should i say that i want to know if you are ok ?
Should i say that you are so beautiful ? 😍
Should i say that your eyes like the moon light my way in the dark night ? 🌙
Should i say that your love give me a wings ? 😇
Should i say all that ?? 😥
That feeling when you go to someone and told him/her about someone else that you loved him/her ... #but you fall in love with that someone ... you told him/her everything you have everything you want ... but one look !! One dance !! One move !! One word !!
Can change everything :) ~
So start with your self 💪🏻💙
Btw it's the movie 🙊 ~


They think i'm crazy ... but they don't know they feeling ~
They're all around me, ~
Circling like vultures ~
They wanna break me and wash away my colors ~
Wash away my colors ~
Take me high and I'll sing ~
Oh you make everything okay (okay, okay) ~
We are one in the same ~
Oh you take all of the pain away (away, away) ~
Save me if I become ~
My demons ~
#Starset ~


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