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What would u do if someone wouldn't stop cheating on u but Everytime u tried to leave them or get them to leave u by telling them it's over and how much u hate them now and don't love them they started hitting u or pulling ur hair out and screaming as well as get u fired from ur job

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Sounds like your dealing with a toddler... They need nurturing and discipline and maybe a little reflection on your contribution to the situation and if your really struggling ask for help
I would probably start over. Realize they are never going to change or be good to anyone. That if they are, the mask will slip in a matter of time. Pray for the other people they’ll torture, but let it all go and try to enjoy the good parts of your life. What would you do?
We all could give advise. But only you know what you are willing to do at this moment. Your life is in danger when violence is involved in any relationship. Find support and an exit plan would be my personal opinion . Prayers
Search for domestic abuse resources and outreach groups, if at all possible. Private browsers and potentially a VPN would help in that regard, get DuckDuckGo on your phone and hide it in your folders if you can, justify the VPN as being able to watch foreign streaming services if you can, and find help in secrecy.
thehotline.org has resources for those in abusive relationships. i also recommend reaching out to someone you can trust and let them know what you're going through, and maybe get some help getting out of that situation. you do not deserve that!!! stay safe!

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