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Do you ever want to say something but then realize that it’s not going to make a difference or change your life in any way so you just keep your thoughts to yourself?

Yes, most times in life.

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What’s your biggest long term goal that’s very important to you?’

fngcwyss8’s Profile PhotoFCCTU
Making a way out of life and putting my child through is something I’ve always wanted.

Would you leave everything behind and start a new life?

If that’s what works for me at the time

What do you want to know about me that you don’t already know from my bio?

amckeever’s Profile PhotoAlex McKeever
Do you have a bio on this site? I’m new but I never got to read anyone’s bio, where are you from if I may ask?

You say you take care of your own huh? Not like me. Not saying we was ever close, but I had her back threw think and thin, and back to thin. If I had your type of loyalty I would have left 5 years ago. Just like your soul mate did. Look where it got me 😍 took the long road but finally, have MY LOVE

gnibkerm’s Profile PhotoGnib Kerm
What are you going through? Seems like you need someone to talk to.

Is that really how psychotic and desperate and perverted you are that you seriously just sit there and wow so imagine how much more suspense you're going to be in or how much anxiety that's going to cause you that you're not going to know if I'm just playing a movie or if I'm doing the real thing...

guppyp43’s Profile PhotoPhillip Guppy
Hmmm, what’s your experience.


Perseverance is all you got to push ahead of things, never giving up on what you believe in and hope for a better outcome when you invest your energy.
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Why do some people turn against you or stop talking to you completely when you don’t talk to them for a while even if you don’t recall hurting their feelings or having an argument with them?

This is true but I can’t explain why people wanna create such impression because we don’t f with each other

Are you religious or spiritual?

Good question, I think it depends on where you’re in life, religion or spirituality works at wheel

Would you rather take care of someone or be taken care of?

Take care of someone, at the same time take care of me.

Is it normal to still be thinking about my ex boyfriend after I broke up with him and moved on?

Thoughts could go a long way and I can relate to that but it causes more hurt and pain to the health.

Have you ever left someone far behind? Or vice versa?

Hmm, it happened to me once but I moved past it, life isn’t about competition.


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