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Genuinely… I’ve been single for about half a decade at this point since breaking up with my ex fiancée. Why do I feel like I will never find love again despite this desire to have someone by my side again? It’s been on my mind for a while now.

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Absolutely, but you learn to accept life the way it appears to you.
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have you ever cheated on someone? be HONEST!!

Relationship is like a bond, cheating is most likely disrespectful, I walk away from the relationship if I can’t handle it anymore

Do laws against abortion indanger women?

In some countries, but it’s legal in some countries.

Although I have to laugh at how many times we got away with seeing each other I tried to text you on your voip # you must be busy with her lying about the baby and everything you're probably having to fake console her LMAO I can't wait till we have a baby together

What was it like?

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