Ask @IsoleAtlantic:

So if I watch the greatest showman right now it's the same time as you? Okay what episode and maybe should you disconnect the call with Anthony so we can try concentrating really hard to hear each other's thoughts on the show???

first of all, the greatest showman is a movie, not a tv show
Second of all, no, I’m not going to stop my conversation with Anthony

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Jareth tested a minor against their will. Sarah did not consent to being tested. And although Toby seemed to be having fun running around like a baby freak I doubt jareth was feeding him or changing diapers during his imprisonment. Sorry anon but in the real world jareth would get locked up.

Whatever you wanna tell yourself lol

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I'm thinking about watching labyrinth again and listing all jareths crimes here in order. I'm thinking I will have a few to list, are you sure youbdon't want to just admit he was a criminal now and spare the experience or?

Mm I watch the labyrinth like, at least twice a week
You’re not gonna change my mind lol

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Sarah said return my brother which so happens to be a minor that I'm in charge of taking care of by his legal guardians, and jareth a 40 year old man says no, and continues to house him against the family's will. A crime has occurred???

I mean
Sarah literally treated him awfully
“Give him back” I mean, I totally wished him away and I see him as nothing but a burden and I only want him back because my parents will be mad at me
Yea, I wouldn’t have given him back until she proved herself either

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