Ask @ItsBeckyT:

Okay but it's not nice to say to anyone. I admire your attitude.. They went anon so have no guts!! T c..

Yeah exactly that’s what everyone has to remember
I mean if someone came up to me in person and said it I’d be more concerned 😂

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+2 answers in: “Hi Becky. Just read what some anon asxhole said to you. About best n worst compliment.. Can't moderates stop such posts,??? Your poor gal. 😭😭”

Yep, sure it’s all about effort ..

Well I mean having some acting talents helps but once you’ve got that, then putting effort into learning a character and fully immersing yourself in acting will allow you to pretty much be able to handle any character

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+3 answers in: “How do you respond to criticism in real life? Is it different to how you’d respond to someone over the internet or is it the same?”