Ask @ItsEngNero:

Why do doctors have terrible handwriting?

Cause Doctors are aliens 👽. Their handwriting is mostly a secret code among themselves used to conquer us human beings.

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Would you like to go on a date with someone you meet on the Internet?

Why not. I like meeting new people, it's fun 😂

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What is your attitude towards compliments/flattery? How does it make you feel?

Actually, I keep laughing after any compliment. I really don't know why.. It just comes out. 😅
For the feeling.. it depends on the person and how well I know him/her.

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40 دعوه بظهر الغيب مستجابه❤️.. عندي امتحان الصبح ادعولي🙏

رب ارزقنا حسن الاجابة و التوفيق ..

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How are unicorns made?

Well, When a daddy unicorn and a mommy unicorn loved each other very much….
They just put some random Rhino on a diet and Adopted him cause they can't have one.

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انا اتخنقت من الروتين اللى واحد عايش فيه 😞😔💔

الروتين ف الحياة لابد منه
بس انت لوحدك تعرف تغيره

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