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At first i was just outrageous and swearing everyone but now i realize it's for the better that we lost. We need to build a new competitive team. Players like dhawan, rohit sharma, mustafizur rahman, rashid khan were not just found so easily. We need to conduct proper surveys and make sure an exceptional team is selected. We can bullshit about waging war against India unless we learn to compete against them. I think Pakistan was the poorest team this year. Let's not be offended and accept that Sarfraz is neither a good wicketkeeper nor a good batsman and absolutely the worst captain. He needs to be replaced. The ordee of the team needs to be changed. Fakhar or babar can not be sent as openers. If you travel around Pakistan you will found thousands of young; aspiring and passionate players who can just become the best with a little training but no one pays attention to the PCB. Winning a champions trophy doesn't make us ODI champions. Last year, we started in a bad place but we had a scope for improvement but this year we have only been worsening. We need great all rounders like Hardik Pandya or Ben stokes or moeen ali but all we have is shoaib malik who can only perform well at times.

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