Ask @ItsViksFault:

he's alright for the most part, he's like me, we both look and seem pissed off all the time, but we're actually not that bad of ppl lol. glad to hear u get ur phone today..I hope it remains for u also. I ALSO, also hope u stay up for a long, long time im like that too ik its hard..i got ur back ok

well that's a good thing then
well i might only have it for a couple of hours but i'm pretty happy too
thank you fren

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hey vik how r u ive wanted to talk to u but I've been moving my shit over to my dads and im probably gonna have to move it back to my moms in abt a week or so lol and I think u've said u don't have ur phone ?? but ya hows it going bb

i've been ok i guess i've been having ups and downs but yeah
my mom is letting me use my phone for the day idk if that'll remain though
that sucks though i hope your dad is a nice guy

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