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July Core
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U're cool ❤️


my cat is jelous :D

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Hey july merry christmas :))


thanks to all who wished a merry christamas to me <3 someone hacked me om ask .. i get the account back yay ^^

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post your newest selfie! ❤

Patricia Amelia

only 4u

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If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together…there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.

Answer this because UR super hot and awesome

like those donuts :D? they are really awesome

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Post a pic of your cat:) I love cats too!


my two cats <3

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favorite quote

Nicole "Gingey"

life is shit , learn to fuck it

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People, do not disturb July she is a very beautiful girl and is not a lesbian, is one of the most beautiful girls and seen not let it bother July quiet do not disturb.

Edgar Alberto quintana


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WOW, u r so famous now!

Alissa Pasiak

im not even famous )

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:) I £♥ve you (:


hey guys im back <3

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You are so famous and omg can we be friends?


What do u thin about my nails ? ^^ PS : guys leave ur number and I will call u when I will have time <3

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Your ask fm is soo popular ! How ?! Ahah xx

Gabby Walker

Cause I'm a damn bearrrrr ^.^

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How did you become famous


idk why people think im famous when actually im not .. but i can give you one advice ..Always be yourself
ps follow @crudugaby

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hi!!! favorite love song? favorite horror movie?

Mary Vargas

hey pls watch my new youtube video <333 , comment your opinion ))

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Hi! Beautiful! =3 How are you? *-*

Hey , I'm good , Wbu? ^^ follow me on Instagram @julycore <3

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Who is your fav hollywood actor..(',') /actress....(",)

मोhit Gupता(",)

Gabrielle Green , she is an actress from horror movies :D

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i ricived your question that you are bi and then you told me that is was your friend dont matter i bilieve you

Im not bi and will never be , just @crudugaby hacked me and sended to All " hi , i am bi " , it was just a Joke , she wanted to kidding

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Do you believe in unicorns? :D

#Unicorn :3

Im a fucking unicorn :3

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+1 *_____*

Ohh , back <3

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you are so pretty <3


Tysm <3

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:O Amazing.. Love you xo <3 :DD


Luv u 2

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miley or justin :D

miLy Di StEfAnO☜═㋡

Jiley :D I love bothhhhhhh <3

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