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I'll gladly back out, because I know you well enough that you wouldn't really care to hear from me no matter what I say, I wish you the best. if you want to know who this is, by all means give me a call. 850-324-8551 but if not, again, I'm still wishing you the best even though it's been many years

I appreciate you trying to help me out. But I know what I'm doing. I've learned from my mistakes and if/when I end up getting hurt by someone then its just more shit that I could not give two shits about.
Everyone gets hurt? So.

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There's people 5 years ago you thought you'd never lose/live without. Just because people come in your life doesn't mean that they're meant to stay, you can't go off memories and the past. Go by their efforts, and what they're doing for you now. Not because well been here a year, might as well stay

Okay efforts of being a friend, she's ALWAYS there when I call her and text her. When I want to hang out she's there. When I need something, anything she's there. She looks after me. If that's not effort then I don't know what is.

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& one time is easily one time too many. take it from me, I get that. but why are you not willing to let someone in that was immature & made mistakes as an eighth grader, but you're willing to let Lindsey, as a young/basically adult, wrong you and come back & then you take the rest as your fault?

You're asking why I push people away for dumb reasons but allow someone who hurt me back into my life?

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if that person matured, and has since tried to show you that... but you wouldn't look passed the past, then what?

You have to think about yourself. What's right for you & your own future. If you forgave the person, again, wouldn't you always be scared that they're going to fuck up again? Do the same once more? Even if they have matured or changed in our eyes, their bad habits will ALWAYS be with them and the temptation of hurting you again will be stronger because now they know you're weak. They know that no matter how bad they fuck up you'll always forgive them; they'll always get another chance. & take it from someone who been through some shit, ITS NOT WORTH IT!
If you got really hurt by the person fuck up then you're worth so much more than that person.

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do you believe people can change and mature?

Yes, its inevitable for some type of change. Whether it be a good or bad change.
Everyone changes in time, but not always in the way you want them to change.
If someone you love is doing something bad they can change, but start doing worse. That's still change. If you're lucky the person will change for the good, but its rare.
And do I believe people mature? Only if they want to, if they're stuck in their own ways then they won't mature or grow.

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