Ask @IvyTrellis:

Which is the funniest name you've ever heard?

Oh, that's a tough one... I've heard a great number of hilarious names, but at the moment, the funniest one I can remember is perhaps a character I named in the game Wakfu, one of my helpers called Ludwig von Pokenstik. I'm sure there are funnier ones I've heard, even my own name is a bit of a play on words. I just can't recall the best of them at the moment.

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What is your favorite piece of artwork? PAP!

This is a fantastic question, though I've got so many favorites that I really can't pick one... I think I'll narrow it down a bit and pick one out of my own posted pics on FA, though that's a hard choice, too...
Among them, though, is this: A gorgeous pic of my fennec Cinnamon in a snow globe. There are other pics, naughtier ones, but I don't wanna get in trouble for that... X3

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What invention has had the greatest impact on society?

If you really think about it... I mean REALLY think about it... The toilet has really done wonders for society. But I don't know if it's had the GREATEST impact... That might be something like electricity, which is kind of a bland answer and not as silly as toilets.

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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?

A lot of people don't know this, but it was actually because long, long ago, it was considered more proper for a man to dress himself, and for a woman to let her maidservants dress her... The buttons are on opposite sides because it was easier for them to do this (because most people were/are right handed).

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Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook?

I actually don't have either, but Facebook hasn't done anything to make me happy with them... In fact, I'm pretty pissed with them right now for stupid things they've done.
I filed a DMCA takedown report with them to get pictures of my character removed from someone's page, skipping the "contact this person" step because everyone else who has talked to them says they're insulting, abusive, and hostile in their responses... So Facebook sends me an email. WE'RE GIVING YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION TO THE PERSON YOU FILED THE REPORT AGAINST.
No. Not a happy fen. So, Facebook can die in a fire. I'm indifferent about Instagram.

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Do your characters all inhabit one universe? If so, what kind of place is it? (Otherwise, you can just talk about your most developed one!)

They inhabit a variety of universes... I've been writing for a good 16+ years, and though many of them do share a universe, there are several separate universes I've used over the years, with specific sets of stories. A few of my better known characters are from a universe canon to the Cyantian Chronicles graphic novels, and were created for forum RP. Yanoi Lacroix and Xi Li Kai are examples, though there are plenty of others. Well, I should be more specific, there were versions of Xi Li even years before I joined that forum, but they were adapted from originally a tiger taur to her current Rifier form, which has aged to about 20ish since I created her. Much of this takes place in an academy located on a partially terraformed Mars in the near future/current time.
Another universe is based around a set of stories in which a nation of elves, now known as the Svelte, were cursed to become animals in order to save them from being killed by a curse that would have turned them into stone instead. (the latter is only effective against humanoids. Animals and anthros remain unaffected.) However, since everyone in the nation was turned into some type of animal (species generally depended on families) the nation collapsed. about 300 years later, their magic is growing stronger, and some of them are able to combat their racial curse to a point that they can become anthros, or even humanoid (though temporarily in that case) and a select few wield power strong enough to earn them the title of "The Living Gods" (but that's just something they call themselves to intimidate potential enemies).
Their goal, in this universe, is to convince an enemy nation that cast the Curse of Stone to lift it. Since this curse is continuously channeled, this would be a rather easy task. Their methods range from asking nicely to threats, to use of force, and if that will not suffice, they'll wipe the place off the map (by reawakening the chain of volcanoes within the nation).
The Svelte are believed to be a myth to keep children out of the woods, but as the animals themselves begin coming out and talking to people, the truth begins coming to light. In one of my stories, the Svelte are beginning to reappear in such a manner. In another story, one has been captured by humans and is being put on display in a mix of freak show and peep show, and with the help of a young woman who was essentially Shanghaied into helping care for the Svelte, an escape is made.
In another universe, the stories focus on a pair of priestesses and a warrior. The warrior is a raccoon girl by the name of Regina, and she suffers through the never-ending hijinks of the priestesses, a vixen named Topsy and a skunk named Turvy. The stories in this set generally focus on adventure, comedy, romance, and of course LOTS of sex, generally between Topsy and Turvy, though it isn't really the focus. It's a bit more about their relationship, and the complicated twists and turns it takes.
And I've run myself out of room

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