Ask @Izaya0rihara:

Do you believe that life after death is possible?

Tiffany Ann Adkins
Sure. People claim to have seen ghosts. People claim to speak to the dead. A lot of information people have consist of things a person shouldn't possibly know. I identify as agnostic. Couldn't claim to be atheist. Being nihilistic isn't appealing to me. Living a life free of guilt and good morals doesn't interest me. Life is a huge "what-if" that keeps me guessing. What if God is real? What if there is something more after death? People tend to fear the unknown. That's why a lot of people shun it and lock it out.

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My boyfriend is super insecure, he thinks I’m “out of his league,” constantly calls himself ugly, compares himself to other attractive guys. I’ve tried reinforcing my love and attraction to him but it literally gets me nowhere. We’ve been dating for 3 years. This never stops and Im getting fed up.

Anna Roberson
At least you know he ain't cheating. If his self-esteem is that hit, he probably isn't going anywhere. I'm ugly, a lot of girls and guys are ugly. None of that really should matter if someone loves you though. My advice, move on if he doesn't quit dragging himself. It's okay to be ugly, but no one wants to hear about it constantly. You are who you are. Real love is deeper than looks. Kid needs to get over himself... wit his ugly ass.

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Do you agree that nobody goes through more shit in life than a person with a good heart?

Maybe. People are always looking for someone to take advantage of. Even if you're not the bad guy, bad guys like to paint you as the villain. Remember Cinderella? She had the kindest heart, but she was still treated like shit by her stepmother and stepsisters. They didn't want her to come up, even though she didn't do anything wrong to them. In their story, she deserved to be low and they deserved everything. If that meant putting her through shit, they did. Just remember that kindness pays off. You don't need to blacken your heart dealing with people and their shit. That's what they want so they can make you seem crazy.

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If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

Highly doubt I would meet someone from ask. Nothing to tell them since there's not a "her" or "him." Was interested in a person that I was relating to, but they stopped messaging me. Made peace with that, since I don't chase or anything. Either people want to talk to you or don't. Fuck em' if they don't.

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