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What are you looking forward to in the new year?


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Law is in your heart ?

uhhhhh? ._.

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Who's your bestie?

sapa2 maok. xD

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Do you like dogs?

nop . i dont like dogs.

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What is your favorite online shopping site?

kpop A&J shop :33

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What do you want right now?

happiness ;)

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who's your crush?

who you think ?

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Where do you feel most safe?

hmmm...Police station.

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Have you been to any cool concerts lately?


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What attracts tourists to your city?

food ~.~

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Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?

no. ._.

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Kwon Ji Yong's wife. As long as we in love. Sweets big brother T.O.P,SOL,D-LITE and VI. Love them so much! 내가 여러분 모두를 사랑합니다 ♥

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