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How would you define life?

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A series of experiences that knit itself into a picture of what your life looks like. Every success, failure, awkward silence, successful joke, injury, near-miss all collating into one very complex pattern. Add in relationships, those healthy and alive, strained, old, or nonexistent lending to add structure. Like a grand vast web, interconnected and vastly complicated to create a beautiful picture only you can truly appreciate or love, and take pride in and say "This is me"

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in your opinion, what's it like to fall in love?

I notice little things at first. The way their eye twitches before they laugh, or count how many times they blink. I'm counting the steps they take when they walk, or watching their body posture. The emotion in their voice knits itself in my thoughts, and soon enough, it's like I'm touch-starved and need to reach out and hug them, or just hold their hand. Little embers cooking behind my ribs, warming up my heart, and making me feel out of breath. Then it cools off, slows, things become more relaxed, punctuated by moments of giddiness.

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do you believe love exists ?

I do. Not just "True Love", but the definition of love, and how it's a range of good, positive emotions from the sublime to the virtuous. I have love for friends, fellow human beings, and any conscious being capable of thought and some form of morality. Which sounds fluffy, but. I do believe in it.

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Do you think that nowadays boys have become more feminine and girls more masculine?

Generally? No. Most people abide by the whole masculine and feminine ideals that society generally expects from you, not that there is anything wrong with that. It's just that we're seeing a very vocal and visible minority explore what it means to be masculine and feminine and how they are poor descriptors, and how comfortable people can possibly be, when they've loosened or been defined rather than the vague state they are now.

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How do you define Love?

A series of chemicals in your brain that evoke a psychological response that can be translated to as love, which also means it's a beautiful evolutionary response of altruism to build connections with another similar being going through the same response. Biological, amazing, and in simple terms.

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