Ask @JC_Kane:

Do you think someone likes you and if you know for a fact they do ,, do you like them backkkk????

I've had a suspicion that one of the people whose been asking me questions on here likes me. Just I get a lot of questions like this one 😋 Or atleast around the same things. Just makes me wonder.
For all I know you could be the same person 😉
Granted I guess I should make something clear, if whomever reads my responses is the one I suspect likes me... but, I originally created this account while I was, working on getting a male to female sex change. Including being bi. Thus I set my account as female and even referred to myself as a her and replied as if I currently had a female anatomy.
However, I've, hard to explain it, but God talked with me, said that's not the path he has for me... and I've returned to being a heterosexual male. I've already updated my stat on here (and various other places) and stopped referring to myself as a her or what not. I don't remember if I made a more public statement on here since not many, I can assume, read profiles and the like, or ones who have but didn't see a need to look at it again.
Anyways, sorry if you weren't exactly wanting this information in your reply, 'especially if you're not even someone who knew that.' But figured this would be a good way to let people know.
Btw, should note... this isn't a character account or anything, so all my replies are real... just the ones up to that time (late August I believe) were from my old... uh, mental state. Hope that's the right term... since saying "was a bisexual trans, who wanted people to only see them as a her and not trans" seems odd to say. 🤷‍♂️

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