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a couple of friends and i no longer wish to keep our jmds as jmds for the community is pretty much dead, would it be alright to transfer them to a different CS or make them into an OC? im not seeing anything regarding this in the rules so i presume it should be fine? :)

I know this is old but please, do not assume such things. Just as trading/selling it not currently allowed, neither is removing a design from the species.

We're going through some big things right now, so this may be subject to change in the future, but it is currently against the rules.

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Are name changes allowed for JMDs?

At this moment, only if the JMD is over a year old and the change request is sent to me.

Name changes are generally only allowed if the name turns out to be a duplicate and the original owner asks for the second JMD's name to be changed. However, as JMDs had been on a long hiatus, I am giving some leeway to this rule until further notice. I know some users want to completely remake their JMD's personalities, and there are times when the name is included in that plan.

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Element, will you be judging the design entries for users to become artist? I think its unfair to leave them there hanging :(

That competition was hosted before I gained ownership, but I'll see what I can do! I will try to contact Froggy about their judgement, as they were the primary owner at the time, and I will also review the entries.

However, we are currently going through applications that I received not long ago! Unfortunately, with a small staff team and varying availability, this is not a quick process. ;v;

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Anime inspired JMDs? Please?

Anime themes will be considered, but heavily-based designs are not allowed at this time! This is to respect intellectual property and copyright laws. ;v;

Loosely inspired designs are okay, of course, but for example... some of the "villain song" JMDs take colors from the characters that sang their respective songs, but that is not the same as a JMD being made with Scooby Doo's exact design.

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Just a small question about the recent decision to hire more staff! Are we allowed to apply for both positions, or only one?

All users may apply for both positions!

"You may send in applications for both staff positions, but you can only be selected for one."

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Will new artists need to be able to use oekaki or can they use offsite drawing programs like sai?

Oekaki is encouraged, but I am working on a PSD for non-oekaki programs.
Oekaki cover pages would need to be made for each non-oekaki design, and I'd prefer it if we only had those once in a while. uvu

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what kind of staff members are u looking for

We will be looking for artists and moderators!
Ghost artists will also be considered. uvu

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I really like how the Kiamara events have gotchas & the RPWs have tokens. How will a future JMD event be held?

Sorry for the delay, had to think about this one for a while.

While events like gotcha bubbles would be fun, I do not want artists to be forced to mass-produce JMDs. I have considered creating a currency for JMDs, but I'd prefer to avoid that buying aspect.

Events will most likely have mini activities with different prizes as rewards, and there will also be some item raffles here and there for users who don't have time to participate in activities. Activities will vary depending on the theme of the given event.

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When breeding for the chance of twins, will the couple be asked to choose a number from 1-4 & have a random generator choose the number or will it be chosen with a different method?

We use a percentage system with rolls. u v u Info is posted on the nursery thread, though I'm still working out certain things.

"- - - - Twins have a 25% chance to occur. Otherwise, the breeding will result in a singular baby."
Twins have a 1/4th chance to occur as of yet, and so, we will roll with a max of 100. If the roll gets 25 or less, the breeding will result in twins. If it gets anything above 25, there will be one baby. Everything will be rolled by the breeder, so unless one of the users has a breeding item that they are using, they will not effect the rolled outcomes.

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We could have a winter time event that starts mid-January and extends to Valentine's Day. ;w;

For a winter event, I was going to focus on holidays that happen around December. ;v; I don't want to do something just based around Christmas, as I don't know much about it or any of the customs, and sadly, the holiday I do celebrate has passed.

I'll probably do something small for Valentine's Day, but I don't know if it'd really blend well with a winter event. ;o; A winter event could still happen, but I'm just not sure.

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Sorry to be a bother, but thank you for answering my questions. C:

No worries! It's not bothersome, I'm glad people are able to ask important questions. u v u

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Is there going to be a winter holiday event?

Unfortunately, there most likely won't. ;v;" I've been very busy recently, and I wanted to do something a week ago, but I couldn't find the time. I could still try to do something small and short for winter, but I'd rather work on a bigger event when spring or summer comes! With a bigger events, there will be more options for prizes, more activities, and we'll hopefully have additional staff by then to help manage an event.

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Adding to the previous question about duel-toned jewels; would they have a dominant power and a weaker, two weak powers, or just one primary ability?

Even if a JMD has multiple colors on their jewels, they will have ONE power type. For example, if a JMD has a jewel with a white base and blue-green designs, it will only have the white power. If a JMD had an even gradient jewel, like the most recent one I made, it's powers will reflect only one of the colors.

The only reason a JMD would have unique or enhanced powers would be if it had a special jewel, like my JMD Icarus. He was a 100 adopt on a previous thread, and has enhanced healing powers. He has the brown jewel type, but with multiple colors. If he was a normal JMD adopt, he would only have normal healing powers. However, he has enhanced abilities, being able to revive the dead, which is unique to him and him alone.

Long story short, only special JMDs can have powers that go beyond the default power types or restrictions, and all other JMDs will only have one normal power type.

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How will JMD's with multiple jewel colors be regarded?

Multiple jewel colors will not have much of a change. They still only have one power type, though multicolor jewels are less common that single color jewels. If you mean in canon JMD behavior/culture, it is ultimately up to the owner to decide how their jewelie views multicolor jeweled JMDs.

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How does one go about gifting these days?

Message me, ElementStar, privately on CS or DA with info on the gifting. I will need to know which JMD it is and who you want to give it to. Once that's all good to go and I have approved it, you will need to notify the archivist of the ownership change. Once that is all done, the new owner is free to use the JMD. uvu Just remember that there is a one-month slot freeze for gifting/readopting your JMD.

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About nobody having access to the lines, wasn't there was already a artist contest when Milotic owned them using those lines so pretty much they are out for anyone to use right now anyway? I mean, if people were disgusting and wanted to steal them and stuff... @revamp questions

Yes, there is that thread. I even tried to get a spot as an artist, though I don't think results were ever finalized. uvu If anyone uses that thread, I will have the CS mods lock it. It's been done before, so I will keep my eye on it. But luckily, that thread is missing certain things. It does not have the child lineart, or the pupil layer I created. I also moved the signature in the oekaki files, and as we will not be giving the PSD to non-staff members, there are several giveaways for anyone who tries to use them.

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Will JMD customs still be a thing?

Yes, but with a very different system. Froggy said that customs must be free (before I gained ownership) and so, I've decided to make a very rare Custom Ticket item. It allows the user to have an official artist create an unedited custom for them, and can be combined with edit items during or after creation. I thought about keeping custom slots (after all, I got my custom JMD using the old system) but it feels unfair to the artist to make them create so many customs without anything in return. I'm sorry to anyone who may be disappointed about this! ;o;

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What is the best way to contact you personally (regarding JMDs)? ;o;

Probably Skype or DA notes. I almost always have Skype notifications on, on my computer or phone, but I'm not giving it out to the full JMD community just yet. I will share it once I'm done cleaning up the DA group though, as there is a JMD community Skype chat for users to enjoy! And for DA notes, I am very active on DA and I find the inbox system and layout better than the one on CS, so it's a bit easier to respond quickly. ;v;

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Oh, when I asked about revamps, I was thinking that users would be doing them themselves >-< Maybe if you let them it wouldn't overload artists?

Aaah, I did consider that, but I'd prefer to keep the official PSD/lineart within the staff team! Users can be added to oekaki refs of JMDs they win/own, however. Keeping revamp jobs within the staff team also prevents users from trying to change their JMDs too much without proper items. u v u
I know not all users would try to get around the rules or change their JMD(s) too much, but there are some who would disregard the rules or even make fake JMDs if they had access to the complete lineart.

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Events are always amazing! You'll be doing a Christmas one, right??

I plan on doing a little event that represents multiple holidays! I don't really celebrate Christmas, so I don't want to do an event purely based around it as I don't know much about it. However, my idea does have little activities/prompts for different holidays, with Christmas as one of said holidays. :>
The time frame for the event is coming up soon though, so the event itself is still up in the air, as there are a few factors that must be considered before an event can happen.

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I'm glad to see these guys up and running again <3 and the new rules are really refreshing, especially the breeding between any gender! (and a nursery in general, the other versions were never very active) I love it. (do miss the v3 lines, they were so elegant looking)

I'm glad! I was hoping the changes would help breathe new life into the species, and thus far, it seems to be working. ; v ;

Aah, those were lovely lines <3 However, I think the larger lineart is also quite nice, and more space allows the artists to do more with the designs! nvn

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Will we be getting line transfers/revamps? ;v; The colors on a lot of my older JMDs bug me a bit.

Revamping/transferring all premade JMDs would most definitely overload the staff, even if we got a bigger team, but there will be items for that! I plan on revamp tickets and transfer tickets being available during events, and I already have a few event ideas in the works. nvn

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It's so amazing that you're allowing breeding between any dragons of any gender. Thank you so much for changing the breeding rules, it's seriously so awesome.

I'm glad you like it! q v q As a member of the vast LGBTQA+ community, I knew allowing couples of all orientations and genders would be very important. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in the JMD community, ;v;

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I really think you should use a breeding concept similar to parrapups! It's really simple. One parent conceives, and one or more can contribute genes to the litter. There will still be only 2 babies, it won't need to increase the litter number!

I'll think about it! A LOT of people have been suggesting this system, and I'll see what the owner says if I do decide to use this system. ;v; Poly Breedings will already be possible with an item, but I'll go over the pros and cons with the staff regarding the item system and 1x2 system.

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I can't wait to see everything running again. I have been waiting for a couple to breed for like two years now! And I hope that I will be able to apply for staff too because these adopts mean a lot to me. They were one of the first species that I ever got into on CS. c': Good luck with reviving! <3

Thank you! I know that feeling. q v q JMDs were one of the first species I got into, and I'm very honored to be helping to bring them back.

Staff slots will open eventually! Not yet, but we will be looking for more staff members in due time. nvn

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