Name:___ Age:___Birthray:_____ Eye color:____Nickname:____Best friend:____Favorite Color:___ Hair Color___ Favorite day___ favorite name of boy ___ favorite name of girl __ u like play ___ single__where r u from __

Error : it's birthday not birthray .
:-) Jomilin
:-)16 yrs
:-) 13 Jan
:-) dark brown
:-) black
:-) Friday
:-) Jissan
:-) nope taken
:-) Delhi

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Well, I was stalking you thori der pehle💓, you're way too cute and pretty💙, answers are love, that smile is just beyond perfections like its so cute naa💓 That sweetness in your answers, the way you reply to other people is just love🌹, yes haha you're love💙, well khush raho piece of gem you're❤

U could have told me before u started stalking my profile..i could have changed my smile and all that sweetness which attracted u .. ..atleat nazar na lagti na <3
Anyways ...thnx alot for those mindblowing compliments <3

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Let's play the tag name! I will give u some terms nd u hv to tag ppl relating to the same ok? 1. Hottest 2. Cutest 3. Someone with lovely eyes 4. Someone with a lovely smile 5. Best hair 6. Best account to follow 7. Best answers 8. Your favorite account 9. best voice

I THINK ONLY ONE PERSON CAN SATISFY ALL YOUR ABOVE CATEGORIES ...AND SHE IS...............................................

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