Ask @JPaxton21:

Do you tend to stand out or blend in with a crowd?

My opinions are supported by facts my facts are so real the only arguments they attract are ignorant people one can ask you how to be popular on ask truth is it don't require good looks because the only true popularity that counts is the ones who care enough to support you and educate instead of argue the only important popularity is the uncommon rare person because would you rather look like a dumb ass in the big crowd that are never gonna amount to anything if change don't come or the small crowd or lone wolf that achieves great things?

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How can I tell my mom I accidentally lost $40 online (I thought I bought one thing but I got redirected to some other site that said I paid for something bad and I didn’t mean to). I basically got scammed. I am really scared to tell her as I don’t want her to be mad at me. PLEASE HELP ME!😭

Honesty is key my kin be honest that you purchased one thing but somehow it made you get another that is not necessarily your fault

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Do you have any great memories from 2017? 🙊

Dry humped a kid joking around as he was me but he got offended called the cops I was about a sex offender I got community service at a humane society found myself a little went to Juvenile Detention Center had a kick ass time helped my fellow inmates i learnt about authority and god it was worth it honestly it made me realize so much especially the love for my family

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