Do you know who huahwi is?

No one knows where he is. It's strange how he said "#RIPHuahwi" then said "I'm kidding! Good night~" on twitter. I think he knew he was going to quit from analysing those tweets alone. Of course that is all speculation and we truly do not know what happened.
There is a Facebook page about Huahwi and that has been posted on recently, but from what I know that isn't ran by Huahwi. The reason why I say that is because on Huahwi's YouTube page there is no Facebook section.
It's weird to think he was going to be in UHC Season 7. This information isn't knew as this was told about already by Graser in Hbomb's live stream. What you may have not known is that in the intro of UHC Season 7 you can actually see Huahwi. No one has noticed this but that's because it appears for a quick moment maybe no longer than less than a second.
I wish he gave a reason to why his absence is long but maybe one day he will come back. I only talked to Huahwi once for about a minute so I don't really know him. He seemed nice. I'm sorry if I can't answer your question fully but I think no one will be able to except Huahwi himself.

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